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  1. Just wondering if you have had a chance to give the tacks a shot or the Novium? I know it is a busy time of year
  2. I know you really like the ft5. I would love to hear your thoughts about it against the ft5 and sync when you get a chance to use it.
  3. I know it is early ,but I have seen and held the new tacks stick but I have not shot it. It has been out for about a week over by me and I was wondering if anyone has had any experience or thoughts on it. I know the shape is a little different with the “v” shape. I kind of like the feel, but is it better than the last model? How does it compare to the jet speed 5 or sync?
  4. I am sorry, but I just caught this now. Why do you think the 100K is better than both the Hyperlite and FT4 Pro? I have a fairly wide toebox section of my foot and a high instep (high volume) foot. I have tried on the FT4 pro in a wide fit and I like how they feel except there is not enough volume in there.. Would a Total Custom Ribcore with the Advanced Facing possibly work?
  5. Have you tried or heard feedback about the Jetspeed FT4 pro? How does it compare to these Hyperlite's?
  6. Is the Kucherov curve like the W71? or is it more closer to the the P28, but a little more upright and closed on the toe?
  7. I know that the Laine curve has been available on the My Bauer site for a couple of years, but it can only be ordered with the Custom option and you need to buy at least 2 sticks for that.
  8. I have been trying for days to find if any one describes shooting with them or any differences besides what the Bauer website says. Is there anyone out there that can compare these 3 curves, especially how they shoot, if at all any different. I know the Laine is more of a wedge and that is not what I want, but I like the P28, but I also would like to try something different.
  9. The slightly closed toe, sounds good to me. Has anyone shot with it and compared it to the regular P28?
  10. Now that it seems that we have established that flex and kick point will for the most part shoot the same speed, but feel different and release quicker....can someone tell me how and if the flex, but more importantly the kick point can affect the shot. IE...will the lower kick point stick be more likely to shoot the puck higher and a mid-high kick point (ultrasonic) shoot the puck lower. Is it better to use a toe curve with a Mid kick point and a P92 with a low kick stick. I have been trying to find any info on this out there. I am not good enough for it to really matter, but it is one of those things that is just stuck in my head and I would like some help.
  11. Thank you very much. That is what I was expecting to see, but I did think the Nexus Geo would be a little higher. Sounds like a lot of glowing reviews for the FT3. How does the AS3 compare. Is there really a comparison or is the FT3 just that much better. I guess what I would like to know, does the AS3 feel really stiff and take a long time to load while taking wrist and snap shots compared to the FT3 or Geo?
  12. By any chance have you talked about the other sticks that you tested, but were not able to talk about yet. I would think they would have been released......at least one of them I think it could be...Nexus Geo?
  13. I bounce between right wing and D , but I seem to play more wing. I am right handed. I probably take most of my shots around the face off dot.
  14. So.....I am glad I did not go and order a couple of custom Kane pro curve sticks. It is a nice curve, but was not for me. I shot way better with my P28. Now I will be looking at the Benn pro/ Kucherov or a plain old p92.
  15. How do you like shooting/playing with the Kucherov compared to the regular P28
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