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  1. Old thread I know… but aside from the cuff, how does the fit compare to the QRL? QRL’s are my go to glove but I like matching my sticks to gloves… so I’m shopping around for a CCM. And the hg12’s look ideal or close to the QRL…
  2. Made a p28 and Fisher curve post and was referencing Pro sticks and realised it is probably worth posting here too instead of an older thread. Great comparison photo of the OG Fisher curve vs Bauers p28 and some observations on p28’s between brands.
  3. Sorry for reviving an old chat, but really like this image of a p28 vs the Fisher curve. I firmly believe curves are never identical across brands and vary slightly or a lot. Ie) I really like the CCM p28 but can’t ever seem to get it working for me as good in the Bauer.. no idea why as they look similar (but not identical). Anyways, I have the Sherwood TMP Pro p28 and it was noticeably different to the CCM p28, in that the blade is shorter, a little more open, slightly less toe and to be honest, looks identical to the Fisher curve shown here… makes me wonder if Sherwood used the OG Fisher curve for their p28… or is Pro stock hockey sticks the OG Fisher (aka Pasternak) because from images that I’ve seen, Pro’s is closer to the CCM p28 not the Fisher in the above image… I’d love to try an OG Fisher vs CCM p28 given so many NHLers use the Fisher… Anyone else have some p28 Fishee insights?
  4. Ha I know but that’s like Bauer saying hyper2lite stick releases so fast it’s insane. It’s different hearing real world experience from people.
  5. Yeah I’ve found all this before. I’m a ridiculous stick nerd. Why I love what Geppetto is doing. Guess my question is if anyone has any experience with these super round shafts. Are they OK or too round?
  6. Since Gep just did a new in stock drop, instead of doing custom might get direct… only thing is, all his 70 flex sticks are the super round shape… How round are these? Are they like the Vapor shafts or even smaller? I’ve heard a lot of people say the shafts feel small… I don’t mind the Vapor shafts but I do like a girthy stick to play with in my hands 😂 It would be so much easier if we could just go to a LHS and check the sticks out!
  7. Depends on which generation of alpha… I find the qx was more mid kick then it went lower kick with the dx. I’ve got a dx and redline mid kicker, just shot them and it feels the dx kick point might be lower like I said, but the redline feels way smoother releasing and has more power, pop and comes off quicker. Alpha dx puck feel is more dampened vs the redline - so personal preference there, but I like stiffer pingy blades. The redline is better imo. I can’t offer an opinion though with the LX or LX2 as I’ve never used either but for what it’s worth I’ve gone through a few dx and qx’s… redlines are still going strong though after comparable use.
  8. Thank you so much. Saves me from being disappointed. Didn’t realise the p46 was an e4 mod! Really likes the curve of the p46 but going from p92 type curves the lie just seemed too low. FWIW lining up my p88 to my p46’s, they seem to have a much closer lie vs a p92. I’m definitely a higher lie guy.
  9. Hi guys - looking at clicking submit order soon. Just can’t make my mind up on curves… definitely sticking to the Benn P90t, my personal favourite… maybe the new Tage Thompson too… I like trying curves way too much. But my main question is around the pro71 Malkin… anyone try that? I used to like the ccm p46 back in the day (aside from the low lie) but any insights into this curve coming from a p92? Does the p71 have a lower lie like the p88 despite both being labelled a lie 6…? Or is this basically an old warrior w71? I really liked the Laine curves but found I missed a lot of pucks under the heel due to the fairy aggressive rocker… I’m open to other suggestions from you guys in curves too, like the Nylander which also looks great
  10. Does anyone have experience using Pro’s low kick sticks AND a Bauer BGP2B build? I have 2NPROXL’s with extra stiff blades and they perform very similar to the mid kick Redlines. I’m hoping for the same similarities between the low kick build Redline and BGP2B. Given how hard Bauers BGP2B build is to come by, I’m hoping the Redlines in the 375g or 350g low kick build perform and feel the similar to the BGP2B…
  11. So I’m a big fan of a bunch of 2NPROXL builds I have…. I’ve always thought they felt very similar to the Pro mid kick sticks, and now I know why! I spoke to Bauer about the 2NPROXL sticks I have stocked up… turns out my stick builds have the old 1x Lite Extra Stiff blade with the mid kick nexus build with a CCM p29 clone, which according to Bauer is their p92 lie 5 (if you compare a stock p29 and p92, the p29 is definitely a lower lie and more closed). Thought this was interesting! Guess this why I had such a hard time putting a finger on what was going on with the blade of my 2NPROXL’s. Trying the Pro Stock sticks next to the 2NPROXL, they do actually feel very similar in terms of puck feel and weight… now it’s time to order me the Oates curve :p
  12. So the modern ccm’s are as good or better than the BGP2B? I know people get divided by brand but I like using everything and ccm does make some very good sticks at the moment. Can't decide if I try to find a BGP2B, or go for a retail Trigger 7 Pro or the new Jetspeed FT6 Pro (liked the FT5 and As4 and Asv Pro's)... Or just be sensible and use one of my existing sticks but where's the fun in that!
  13. Oh I know it’s a different build but wasn’t sure how much different it was. Love my 2NPROXL’s but was wanting to try the low kick sister build from Bauer. Basically if the BGP2B is that much better, I know I’ll like it. So if the BGP2B is that much better than the flylites and hyperlites, I’m sold. I am curious though if any of the current retail builds come close to the BGP2B? I ask because it’s a hard build to find in my preferred flex (I like a whippy 70 or 77 flex and most pro stocks I find are 82 or higher).
  14. Bringing up an old thread… but did you find a difference between the ADV pro stock and flylite other than weight? I really liked my flylites and am thinking of getting a pro stock bgp2b build from SIG or hockeystickman… or if there’s not a much difference just get a hyperlite
  15. Are you sure you're not Gep in real life hyping us up? That sounds sooo good! The G63 XL you're describing basically sounds like a 2nPro XL build (albeit with Geps stiffer blade which is great). Imo the 2nproxl build one of bauers best sticks even though it's only available prostock (and looking at a lot of nhl player bauer sticks, they seem to agree as most sticks have this build with a new graphic)... If that's what Gep is building... Oh I'm excited.
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