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  1. Never had the need as of yet In Edmonton so can’t help you there but paying attention to thread just in case for future… I’m sure others here will chime with recommendations in the epicenter of the land of hockey, but in my few travels for hockey to Toronto area I trust my sons Blades with 2 spots. Scotiabank Pond has a Skatescribe Machine they run out of there which if you are unaware of is basically the chat GPT or Cadillac of automated sharpeners with nothing I’ve seen being able to match finish or precision. 57 Carl Hall Rd, Toronto ON M3K 2B6, Canada https://www.buckinghamarena.com The Second place in area I trust steel with are the guys down at Toronto Pro Hockey shop in Vaughn. A lot Juniors and Tier 1 in area use them exclusively and they do quick turn around with quality workmanship. 12-27 Roytec Rd, Vaughan ON L4L 8E3, Canada https://toronto-pro.com Good luck and have fun on trip. Be sure check out Hockey Hall of Fame downtown and grab a bite at historical St. Lawerence Market right down the street. My favorite is the Peameal Sandwhich.
  2. That’s great news! Can’t wait to check it out.
  3. As a hockey dad with a Hobbit footed son who only fits in a Supreme Fit 3 this worries me….
  4. Paluce knows his stuff. My boy was using a Prosharp Quad Profile before Paluce set him up with his Quad Hybrid profile which seems similar to this Omni setup and it was love at first skate. My boy did get acclimated and appreciate the forward pitch that’s added to prosharp profiles so Paluce added same pitch for us, but profile is night and day better…
  5. My Kid is around 150lb and has been using 70flex Proto with all the abuse that comes with high level competitive play and stick has been holding up remarkably well, with a few others on the team having same results. Surprised to hear of durability issues. This season on my kids teams and out in the wild I’ve seen more broken Triggers and Hyperlites than anything else with a few Jetspeeds here and there…
  6. 3 months in with extensive use, Son is extremely happy with all aspects of his Proto-R stick. I’m happy with durability.
  7. My son is a 90TM convert this season and I can usually find a few between Bauer and Ccm on the rack at retail. Not sure if it’s growing in popularity or I just notice it more now…
  8. Put in order for set of custom Protos for Christmas gift. He is moving from Hyperlite as well, it was his first low kick moving from Nexus but the Proto brought him back to Mid Kick gang. Hope Blade durability isn’t issue… fingers crossed 🤞
  9. Got a set of profiled steel en route courtesy of Paluce. Boy went from stock to Quads early this year and took to them immediately. He’s coming from a Quad 2 to Hybrid so I’ll do write up after some time on ice.
  10. Son said same thing, didn’t like the Ghost. Proto-R was winner but he also enjoyed the Trigger 8 Pro, so maybe there is a preference toward the stiffer blades there based on what Vegas stated.
  11. Hopefully we get some of those machines out here sometime in the next decade… always last to the party with new tech in this market. looking at website I’d definitely like to try it out. Is that shop local for you or do you mail your steel in? Did your boy use any prosharp profiles prior to the Quad Hybrid profile?
  12. My sons club and looks like most if not all at least out west, sent out email in response to incident and the requirement of neck guards moving forward…
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