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    Vapor XXX
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    Vector 10.0 Catapult, Vector U+, 2 sherwood taper flex
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    Eagle Pro Glo 1997 special edition
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    NBH 4500, with Itech deluxe 110 visor
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    Itech 495 with added padding to collar bone area
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    itech 4495
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    Rbk 3k with added padding

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  1. I dont know if this is the exact machine but i am 95% that this is the machine that my coach brings to the rink for us to use. I was talking to him about it one day and he said that it was quiet popular in sweden and that zetterberg has his own personal sharpener. I had decided to use it one game and just by looking at the blade it didnt seem that the entire blade had been sharpen and i could feel my edges not being completly there. Problem is that i don't usually use the 5/8 it was set at and usually use 7/16 so maybe it was because i was not use to the cut but i am still skeptical of the machine. I think i can say i have a little bit of background with sharpening to tell the difference between a good and bad sharpening (Sharpened skates for 3 1/2 years at a local pro shop). I still prefer the sharpening to be done manually.
  2. Dont want to make a new topic just wondering where the topic on how to dye skates is. Thanks oggy_3
  3. Helmet: CCM vector 10, black and blue. NBH 4500 black and blue. Mission Intake. Mission Carbster. Nike Quest Shoulder Pads: Itech 495 Elbow Pads: Itech tech-lite Pants: Graf Shin Pads: RBK 3k with added bauer linear Skates: NBH one95 Gloves: Pro stock MIA, Eagle Pro glo Sticks: NBH one90, Easton S17, CCM vector 10, 2 sher-wood taper flex shafts, CCM vector 110 shaft, Easton S5 shaft, 2 RBK talon ops,
  4. Yeah i have tried the blade around the store, i dont know how anyone uses that. We have a dozen or so of those blades actually no one buys them here.
  5. Wow you guys have such a short season for midget aaa it starts september and can go till april and if you play junior its mid august till april if you make it all the way
  6. Hey currently looking at a 1999 Alero Oldsmobile and just wondering if anyone has any information on it, bad or good. I did some research and have found a few recalls but i am not sure how to tell if this certain call could have been on the recall list. Here is the link to the car if anyone in the area would know about the dealership. thanks oggy_3 Alero 1999 oldsmobile
  7. Not regular hockey pictures but here is from my metro gents ball hockey league. I am the farthest to the right, just looks like i am standing there.. I am the one in purple swinging for the ball I am the player in red in the middle
  8. I like how there is one guy added to the photo holding his stick lol
  9. We play in the high school league in the Southern Conference but we also played North Yarmouth Academy, Kents Hill School this year and beat them. Kents Hill won the D2 new england prep school league a few weeks ago actually. The program at RNS is just two years old so they are still trying to move the team up into a better league so we have more competition.
  10. Sorry I am grade 12 but the team goes from grade 9-12. I imagine in a few years those you'll be hereing about our grade 9 and 10 kids, Darcy Ashley and Kevin Gagne, already commited to U of Maine
  11. I don't have any pictures this time but at 30 seconds is me getting the puck and taking a snap shot on net. This is also my team this year.
  12. Hey what type of RBK shirt is that and where is all the protection on it?
  13. I agree with the statement above and as a rookie with any team you have to earn your rights and he is just paying his dues right now.
  14. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ What team do you play for?
  15. yeah the dirty ole Peter Murray, i played for the phantoms last year, our dressing room was up in the back corner of the rink.
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