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  1. I'm Replacing tongues on mt customs after about a year. Do tongues and/or skates need to be re-baked or should the tongues conform to the foot/skate shape naturally over time?
  2. It's up for pre-order on icewarehouse.com for 279.99 USD so not that much of a price increase over the QRE although it's only ~16 grams lighter. There's also an "ST" and "ST2" price point which have once of the more brighter paint schemes on a stick I've seen in a while.
  3. I asked the same question to Warrior on Twitter and they responded with "not for a few weeks"
  4. I've had them since they came out. Using them 3-4x a week since and thus far no real signs of tears or rips. The mesh material on the backhand had me worried but it's held up very well for as much as I play. The fit was a little too narrow at the wrist and movement was restrictive at first but after a week or two, it opened up. I love the digital palms, don't really care for the overlays since I use taki mac grips and so I can'y comment on palm durability either. I tried both these and the QR pro's but the Pro's just felt like that had a boxier fit and the feel wasn't as nice.
  5. Never tried or really looked at the Mako's but here are some better pics along with the tech jargon printed on the inside of the liner. They're listed as "Neutral Fit" but they fit similar to the outgoing stealth series. Low profile, shallow, and seem more tapered from the bottom of the knee down through the shin compared to my 75s II's. Calf wrap and extended ACL protection is a molded Ufoam-esque sort of material.
  6. Went to my local Play it Again Sports to get tape and they had the whole Stealth CX protective line out. Picked up some shins.
  7. Are the "3feet" footbeds something that's an aftermarket insert anyone can purchase or are they custom made and that's why the footbed station is required?
  8. does that mean all sticks will be built/based off of one standardized lie or does each pattern have its own unique lie, just not marked?
  9. Just wondering if anyones knows if/when Warrior will switch the custom fused stick (currently dolomite) over to the diablo model?
  10. looks like EastWest Hockey has them as well. They got rainbow Socks to match the pink/brown ones. EastWest Hockey
  11. Newest Members of the Family Tufftek glove with microvent digital Palm
  12. yeah i gotta try that whole put my equipment in the freezer thing, even though its only my skates that smell bad. Should I like ziplock em to prevent freezer burn or just throw em in there loose?
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