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  1. Yawn. Seems to be the most boring of the 2008's, although I guess it is the first time the O-tech stick is officially in a catalogue.
  2. Pretty cool looking - but are they in use at any of the high levels yet? Also, will there be a separate catalogue for their usual stuff like Jocks and their bags?
  3. Are the V10 shaft and blades just the V8.0 from last year and V8 the V6.0 from last year as well?
  4. +1 on the Vapor line - looks sweet. No sticks/shafts/blades?
  5. You've seen alot of carbon holders then? My German is pretty much non-existant - maybe some of our German MSH'ers can help with the translation? http://www.t-blade.com/carbon/ I had t-blades on my old skates and when when replacing the E-pro's it was $24 more to get the carbon, so I decided to give it a whirl.
  6. RBK 9K's with Carbon T'blades. Insanely light (668.4g each skate, but size 5.5D mind you) - I hope they hold up to punishment though.
  7. Anybody know if there will be a grip version of the One90 shaft this year? Maybe red like the grip version of the OPS? *edit - JR mentioned no grip version of the shaft before we lost info in the last crash
  8. No Yzerman/Gaborik for 2007? Also SR 70 Flex Synergy II - no grip version of the 70 flex though. No tapered wood blades either.
  9. Briefly fondled a nipple grip dolomite shaft today - felt like a cross between their old grip and halfway between a One90 grip.
  10. It's been advertised, as well as the XXX Lite shaft for $99.99 US, so it'll probably be about $10-20 cheaper than what a Synergy II shaft goes for.
  11. You could probably download it, send it to a gmail account and use google to view it. But getting a newer version of Acrobat is a better idea.
  12. Saw a couple of Sickicks at the LHS - love the texture + coating grip.
  13. They had 2 of the Watt's today. They also had 2 "Repik" XXX lites. RH, 87 flex, mondano curve with less curve. (Vancouver location)
  14. No 10.0 shaft or blade - they just not sell well enough or was there not enough difference with the 8.0? Vector gloves look very OneXX'ish - would look good on Robocop.
  15. There is no way those shafts weigh that amount - especially with RBK/CCM having the extra-long shafts in lieu of end plugs. Those numbers are probably based on some sort of "industry standard" - such as when cut to 47.5" or so. I have also never owned a shaft, blade, or OPS, that comes within 5% of the advertised weight.
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