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  1. Sorry to hear of the issue. You can reach out to our warranty department to discuss options warranty@truetemper.com.
  2. We are not set up for total custom glove options as one offs, but we will have the option to do a team order. We are trying to work on ideas to offer one off customs, but do not have anything set in place currently.
  3. The TC3 was brought back and MC2 was brought in as a stock offering for the XC series. From there we are always looking at possibilities, but nothing is locked down moving forward We do not have a general release date, as dealers wanted to take delivery at different times, but it will be August 1st through September 15th. The custom program is based of a team orders. We do not include blades in our custom program, just the 3 high end OPS options (A6.0SBP, A5.2SBP and XC9 ACF)
  4. The two sticks have a slightly different flex profile by only a little bit, were the A series is slightly lower and the XC is complete mid flex. Shaft dimensions and blade make up is also the difference Sorry, Not changing the colors for the custom program yet. We still want the stick to look like our stock color-ways. We need to make sure the look and name gets out into the market further before we can start doing that if at all
  5. With our custom program we can alter the lie of your pattern if that is what you want, just need to specify that when you place the custom order through a dealer.
  6. It's not every stick and not even in every model. It would be up to our warranty department to tell you at the time of the RA submission.
  7. We've made a lot of improvements since that particular stick, but a similar model for overall weight would be the A5.2SBP, but as I said even this stick will have improvements on balance, feel, play-ability and durability
  8. This is only on certain sticks in our line up and we are trying to work through this to have them replenished quicker than that date. We just wanted to be upfront about a delay.
  9. Both the A6.0 and the XC9 are not very restrictive, I would say the XC9 may even work slightly better, greater flexibility in the body of the glove. It's always best to try them on, but understand that is not always an option, but I think you would be happy with either choice.
  10. Very Slight difference, but shouldn't be something that should sway someone that was using a 65 in an A6.0 into trying the 68 in the XC9.
  11. Not Much of a Story. We Started the offering of 58 flex intermediate and wanted to have greater separation between the two intermediate flexes compared to a closer separation to intermediate to senior.
  12. It is True to an extent. The smart flex technology does allow you to cut it and does not change the flex of the measured flex. If you end up taking 6 or more inches off then it will still measure the same on the 3 point bend test, but the feel of the flex will be different. Anything under the 6 inches should not feel different.
  13. TC4 replaced the TC3 in our stock offerings. Both are available for custom orders if wanted.
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