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  1. Anyone have any insight on what Darryl Belfry is cooking up? Based on the description he posted it sounds interesting, but also might be too good to be true. My initial thought is its gonna be a custom stick program like Base but who knows. http://twitdoc.com/view.asp?id=366954&sid=7V56&ext=PDF&lcl=EB2SPIDER-ANNOUNCEMENT.pdf&usr=belfryhockey
  2. The Super Tacks Team sticks my team gets are low kick. They have the LK code on them and definitely aren't the best feeling sticks, but they shoot well.
  3. I use the CCM Pro and it's very comfortable. I find it stays in place better than other styles and therefore I'm adjusting it less. Also protection wise I've never had a problem. (Knock on wood)
  4. When I wore a cage my favourite was the Bauer RBE VIII with i2 technology which has the white on the inside and the black on the outside. They don't make them anymore but you can find them every now and then online.
  5. Sorry to bump an old topic but has anyone used that P20 curve and could compare it to a pro stock hossa curve or the base bc01? In some pictures it looks similar but I can't be certain that its exactly the same or not. To me it looks like a hybrid of the P28 and the BC01 hossa.
  6. I get these sticks through my team and even though I normally use and prefer a mid flex I actually really liked the sticks. It took a practice to get used to them but they shoot well and have decent feel.
  7. From what I've seen it's the Ovechkin clone.
  8. My used but new to me Senators X:60 Pro gloves that my girlfriend bought me and one of two Easton RS 85 Flex Kreps curve sticks that I'm in love with!
  9. I did the best I could with this S19. Cut just above elliptical taper and threw in an old standard junior blade. I did add about a 2 1/2 inch plug to it but I like short sticks, so for someone else they might need one longer than that. To be honest I did it just to see if I could but it turned out great. Shoots decent for what it is. Not the greatest pics as they were taken on an iPhone, but I hope you get an idea.
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