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  1. Speaking from experience using the Super Tacks girdle, your 2 problems (waist and leg length/opening sizing) are potentially solved with the Tacks girdle's ability to adjust both. That said, as I mentioned above I'm currently in a M girdle (from a S Bauer pant) and I'm maxing out the leg opening adjustment (as in, I can't make them looser). The waist is fine, and I could go looser (I'm usually a 32/33in in Levis if that helps) but I didn't want to expose the "scratchy" side of the velcro near my stomach and rip up my undergarments. I have somewhat big legs (5'6 185lb) so that might not help, If I had skinnier thighs, I'd be able to make use of the leg opening adjustment more. In case you're wondering, I couldn't move to a L girdle because I'm also maxing out the leg length adjustment (as in, it's at its shortest).
  2. I'm assuming the program only applies to US residents?
  3. I moved to a Tacks girdle for this beer-league season after almost a decade in One80 pants. I also looked at the Warrior but as much as I loved the mobility, I was looking for extra protection (plastics and the works) since my One80s weren't good enough for my liking. As its my first girdle, it took me a while to figure out how to put on gear again (I usually lace skates before putting on pants because my gut gets in the way). Once I figured it out, I loved the feeling and protection compared to my outgoing pant. I can't see myself getting away from a girdle going forward. That said, I do have a few complaints: No where to attach socks. I've had to buy a garter It does fit small. I'm in a M Tacks coming from a S One80, and I'm almost at a L Tacks waist-wise (I'm a stocky-ish 5'6 185). The L length is what kept me in a M. What's the point of the step in portion? I haven't cut it out yet, but I might soon enough. As I need to take the girdle apart every single time, I'm not sure how long the velcro will last Thinking back, I wouldn't pay full price for a Tacks girdle, and even a modest discount (<20%) would still sway me away towards the 7092. At the time I bought, the Tacks was close enough to the 7092 price that I chose to go with the extra protection/adjustability.
  4. Thanks so much guys I've learned a ton in just a few hours and a few replied posts. Now off to my LHS to check if they do the work.
  5. Wow I had no idea. I figured the new Edge holders were just taller/lighter than the Tuuks on my Vapors and that the boots between the two lines would just be identical in pitch because of that. I've never had shims put in a skate before, but I'm thinking I'd go with that instead of messing more with steel for now. Naturally I have a few questions: 1. How thick of a shim would you suggest? Right now I feel more on my heels, so something that puts me closer to a "+1" would be great 2. How much should they cost? (I trust my LHS, but since I've never done this before I'm just looking to see if what they charge is in the right ballpark) 3. How does the pitch of the skate affect the profile? Does having the shims in make it seem like my entire foot is being tilted forward but the profile is left mainly intact? Or does one's profile need to be adjusted along with the pitch to get the current feeling. Thanks for being patient with the questions. As you can tell, I'm not that committed to finding the absolute perfect skate setup, but anything that gets me closer to that ideal situation would make my skates that much more enjoyable since I do like a lot of things about the new boot/profile. The things I'm not liking are minor annoyances, and nothing I'd replace the skates with new ones for.
  6. Bauer Supreme 190 (not the S190, though they're almost identical). Thanks guys for the input it's greatly appreciated! I chose Quad 0 because it was supposedly close to a 9' + 1 but it's possible I was skating on something less than that since I wasn't religiously profiling my x:60s. With that, I do love the increased stability and the cornering compared to my old profile. I just seem to be caught up on the pivots and forward/back transitions as I feel like I need to work/think harder about them. It is only the second profile I've tried (other than stock blades), but I'm not sure I'm in the market to try multiple profiles due to cost and the fact I'm only on the ice about once a week for a lower-level league. I figured that there might be an easy fix to my annoyances, but it doesn't seem that way. The positives seem to outweigh the negatives going to Quad 0 from 9+1 so I'll stick with it and see if I can get used to it eventually.
  7. Tried it on when shopping for new girdles recently. The fit was the best out of the 3 I tried (QRE, 9k, Super Tacks), but I had some issues with the protection offered by the Warrior girdle. Add to the fact that I needed to add the cost of a shell, and the decision to go with the Super Tacks option was much easier. Full disclosure- I'm more interested in protection than mobility, and the Super Tacks offered a more protective solution (imo) to the Warrior. That said, the Warrior girdle felt really light and mobile.
  8. Looking for some advice from you experts: I'm not a bad skater, but I like to think I skate well enough to know what I'm feeling and whether I like it or not. On my previous skate (x:60) I skated on a 9' +1 profile. When I finally got around to replacing my skates this year, I decided to give the stock LS3 profile a shot but it felt like I was skating on skis. After reading up on some profile options I decided to give Quad 0 a shot. To my surprise, it felt pretty good initially but as I got more ice time on it I think I know what is bugging me about the profile. It currently feels like I'm on my heels, and I don't feel quite as agile as I felt on a simple 9'. I feel like I have to pick my feet off the ice a bit more instead of being able to pivot with the blade on the ice. My questions are following: 1. With a Quad 0 are you able to add a "+1"-like adjustment? I skate on 254 runners and wasn't sure if moving the profile would be feasible. 2. If 1. is possible, would that fix my issue with feeling like there's a bit too much blade on the ice? Thanks in advance!
  9. Same goes for helmets. That's why you don't see Vaughn on guys like Craig Anderson, Matt Murray and whoever else that use a Pro's Choice mask.
  10. Sorry for the bump but I did a site-wide search and couldn't find the exact answer. From I understand that Superfeet Carbon Pro Hockey shouldn't be baked. Does that mean that I simply put them in after the skates are baked and while they're on my feet? Or are they not allowed to be in a heated boot as well?
  11. I just received my new mask in the mail today. Can't wait to get it on the ice tomorrow!
  12. Hah I though the exact same thing with mine! (opted for +2, in retrospect I should've just stuck with +1 or even +1.5). Now that I've worked on my hip flexibiilty the "benefit" of having a longer thigh-rise is negligible if not negative, as it definitely affects my skating. I've found myself leaning on my thigh-rises in-game to bend them more into an S-shape so they don't interfere so much. That said, I don't even think about them when playing as they don't bother me then. The above statements were more of a "post-mortem" of my pads after the fact, and what would make them more "perfect". I'm sure if I ever get around to getting a 3rd pair of pads, I'll still find something to be unhappy about lol
  13. It's all personal preference. I'm on my second pair (CCM EFlex Pros from Vaughn V2s). I knew I didn't want a very stiff pad (Reebok/CCM Premier, Warrior G2). Trying on the pads I did in store, I found the CCMs to be the most comfortable when in butterfly, and were lighter than the Vaughns, Brians and Bauers I tried (at least they felt lighter). On top of that, the CCMs sealed the ground better than any pad I had tried. After reading a few in-depth reviews and thinking about my perceived "style", I settled on what I have today. They're not perfect (I wish I opted for a smaller thigh rise and single external break), but unless I can get a one-to-one swap with no money out of my pocket, I'll be using my pads for the foreseeable future. I think if you have complaints about your pads, you see if you can remedy it by going to another brand, or another size. Other than that, there's no real way to "know" if the pad you're wearing is right for you.
  14. I should've mentioned- putting them on takes all but 0.1 seconds. I'm also still on my first set of hardware after 2 years. The only thing that seems to break is the ziptie, but I can't seem to find the same size locally in Vancouver.
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