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  1. Ill agree he was terrible in the olympics but i think he is pretty effective in the NHL.
  2. Agreed, Sjostrom has some skill, so far the new additions for the Leafs are looking good but who knows how long that will last.
  3. As good as it would have been to see Ovie fight, Bradley did the right thing but it was a good job by Downie to get Ovie to drop the gloves.
  4. The surgery is guaranteed, and he is out for atleast six weeks. With guys like Cote, Asham and Lappy, it's not like they're lacking in toughness without him. He still has a lot more skill then three of those guys and is a lot more effective.
  5. Any ideas on how long Gagne will be out? Id have to imagine he'll miss the Olympics. 6-8 weeks, so I would imagine that hurts his Olympic chances. I just can't see Gagne getting the call this time around with Canada's depth.I'm not sure how much of it was due to injury, but he looked invisible in the games I've watched this year. I agree, there is too much competition for Gange to make it and now with his injury he has no chance.
  6. just added: warrior hitman and warrior ak 27 shaft.
  7. That is a sick skate collection.
  8. That is a solid set up Radio.
  9. What kind of visor is that ?
  10. Yeah i am pretty sure junior A teams do not have equipment sales due to the low team budgets.
  11. Added: Vapor XXXX stick non grip
  12. 44 i think they would look a lot better with just normal LS2's rather then black.
  13. Yeah it definatly is not pro stock Ovechkins pro stock curve is a lot bigger.
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