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  1. Nice stuff about David on RDS right now. They went to St-L to interview him.
  2. Does that mean that David will buy the board? Kidding, congrats to you David. Hard work really does pay off.
  3. Yeah same for me, I was so psyched about seeing David play in Montréal. I thought for sure he was in the trade and from that RDS interview, he thought he might be a Habs also.
  4. David's goal was the best goal so far in the season on RDS. Good stuff!
  5. Congrats David, I was watching the results and I screamed like a MoFo when I saw he got the hat trick.
  6. I'm gonna go see my first ever Habs game at the Bell Centre march 27th against the Devils, boy do I have a long time to wait.
  7. According to RDS.ca, Tuesday at 10h30 AM, Thursday at 17h30 PM, Saturday at 8h30 AM and 17h30 PM.
  8. David is on the Académie McDonald right now, nice moves doing the Kovalev thru the puck stickhandling and flipping the puck over the stick.
  9. David is on the main page question for RDS today and he is currently leading among the candidates. Question is what former QMJHL player will get the most points this season.
  10. Victoria Salmon Kings and the new Ducks farm team, the Chops.
  11. Maybe JR knows or Kovy, or maybe David himself, but did he get Kovalev's stick after the game like he wanted to??
  12. There you go, David is playing against his idol.
  13. Dad was just on RDS, they have been talking about David on and off for about an hour and a half.
  14. David will play tomorrow against the Habs and his favorite player Kovalev (rds.ca).
  15. Tuesday against the Habs, perfect scenerio, David gets a goal but the Habs still win ;)
  16. Btw if you look at the Hockey Canada page, all the players are wearing the 9500 and the XXXX gloves.
  17. http://www.rds.ca/hockey/chroniques/241981.html Nice little french article that talks about the white skates factor how he has sick hands (even compares him to Kovy) and that Doug Weight saw him with a sandwich once while getting on a plane and told David your in the big leagues now buddy, I don't want to see you eat another sandwich again.
  18. Looking forward to seeing the game against Montreal.
  19. One each?? Damm in Montreal it's the rookie dinner, all the rookies pay for the diner.
  20. David scorred again tonight. EDIT: Couple of seconds late, he might get picked for the shootout if it stays tied.
  21. Nice little article on David, sorry for the english folks but you guys can get the idea of the story if you put it in a translator. http://www.canoe.com/sports/nouvelles/arch...115-100903.html
  22. On RDS while showing the highlights they only talked about David and showed both his goals, John seemed pretty happy on the 2nd one.
  23. I guess David is the Intimidator right now against the Dominator.
  24. They just showed it in HNIC, they compared it to Kovy's goal against the Flyers. Nice goal, bottle and everything. Edit: Sorry bout that, I was a minute late.
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