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  1. I just meant skating backwards in general with the flatter radius of the Quad at the back of the blade.
  2. What about skating backwards?
  3. Didn't want to beat this anymore and I know this isn't specifically about the skate but I want to clarify something about the Pulse TI. I know the runners that come in the Ultrasonics have the Quad profile. But not the replacement Pulse TI runners at lhs? Standard 10' radius?
  4. Two questions about these skates: Is this Pulse steel Quad profile exactly the same as the ProSharp Quad0? How hard (expensive) is it to change out the tongues on the retail skate?
  5. I might know someone interested.
  6. Where are you? Twin Cities?
  7. Yes, that's my point. Not buying without being able to try or return. If this True company wants to make inroads with their new and somewhat obscure (I don't know a single person that owns them) product then they are going to have to do things a bit differently. Of course they claim their product is better and different. Well guess what? We're happy (enough) with our current skate brand and it will take a try or some kind of convincing to switch. Somehow you've got to get people in them and on the ice. Short story. Back in the day when I was super into motorcycles I was driving my car home through an adjacent city and noticed a motorcycle model in a line of bikes outside a dealership. It was a model I had always been interested in that I had only read about in magazines. I turned around and inquired and the owner gave me a bit of a quiz about my riding experience, asked what size of helmet and gloves I wore, and asked how long I'd be gone. I absolutely loved it and couldn't stop grinning in my helmet. The next day I was at that dealership with my trade in. Never, ever would have happened without that dealer offering a test ride. Maybe that isn't a great analogy and maybe I just have to realize if the skate boot fits well and the holders and blades can be the same as the skates we have now that all will be good?
  8. I don't think that's crazy at all. No way I would purchase if they didn't allow that. Imagine going to a car dealership and they said you can't drive anything or return it after purchase.
  9. I've never seen a pair in my life. Pure Hockey maybe? Kinda hard to try them without sharpening!???
  10. So the obvious question is how does a guy try these skates? They are intriguing, but no way I could just buy them and hope for the best after reading how different they are then everything else on the market.
  11. I don't know if I'd call this data. But I concur, my son does not like the 2S Pro I just bought him. Glad I didn't cut the thing as I'm going to try and unload it! He'd rather have an MX3 for sure.
  12. I just picked up a new Easton Junior Synergy GX for my son and he really likes it. He wants me to find him an Intermediate now as well. How old is this stick? Did they make another top of the line stick after the GX or was this the end of the line? I have no idea, never bought an Easton stick before this one.
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