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  1. We put the 1S's and 2SPro's through a couple of association and AAA seasons and never had one issue with eyelets. Then went to Ultrasonics and needed to replace a few of the metal eyelets two or three times. Now have had Hyperlites for about a month. We'll see.
  2. The new McDavid curve? Wasn't the P28 the Hall curve?
  3. I looked at some of the newer Bauer shoulder's locally and they were tiny. I thought the Seniors were Junior sizes. What's up with that? My son is currently using Bauer 1N's. The fit and protection are great although they've needed to be repaired more than once. Typical for Bauer shoulder pads.
  4. They hold up well. My son used them for two seasons of varsity and they're still okay. No issue with the tendon guards. I think you're getting a good deal. Can't you get them shipped for $50? Save all that time? Also, we're getting a like new pair of pro stock Hyperlite skates today to possibly replace the Ultrasonics. We'll see.
  5. If anyone is really interested, many people sharpen on a SPARX. I don't care and don't know what that has to do with this thread. Nobody has heard of Skatscribe is a fair statement as well as an accurate one. Where is the Skatscribe in Minneapolis? The Twin Cities is the center of the hockey world in the United States. Minnesota has 50,000 youth players, 254 varsity high school teams, 100 Jr Gold teams, 6 D-1 programs. I'm in the middle of nowhere, far from Minneapolis yet less than an hour drive to 15 arenas and 35 sheets of ice. Nobody at any of those places has heard of this. I need new skates soon and at least two new sets of runners and would love to utilize the newer Ellipse technology but I'm not sending boxes of gear off to another country.
  6. Sure, I'll do that. Where are the Skatscribe machines in Minnesota?
  7. The place we go to with the ProSharp hasn't got any new profiles in years. No 0.5, no Ellipse, etc.
  8. Kobe Bryant could score 30 in flip flops. That's an old one but your statement made me think of it.
  9. Okay. I don't see too much physical play Minnesota district, Bantam play. Many of the refs will not let you finish a check as the rule is you're supposed to be making a play for the puck. The play at A and AA level is more of a skating, playmaking style anyway. My son rarely gets checked but I do recall a crosscheck he took right between the back pads and top of the breezers that kept him out of our game vs Warroad. That sucked. I found him one of the discontinued padded Bauer shirts. He likes it.
  10. Do you mean the nearest hockey store is 40 minutes away? What about the Sparx vs certain brands of steel?
  11. I remember when Own the Moment in Bloomington was a Hockey Giant.
  12. Kind of. The player has to utilize, adapt to, or even overcome the curve. And a grain of salt with the Doughty character. It's not like he's really explaining anything in that video, he's just kind of talking.
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