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  1. What's a girdle??? Never heard that term in hockey before.
  2. Says 425g. As long as this isn't just a repainted stick that's already in the range.
  3. I never commented on any specific stick. I just said manufacturers have nowhere left to go besides making the 400g stick perform longer. That would be the real improvement. Everything else is just a lie. Unless we are offered a $500, 250g stick that will last one game? I know that's what I'm looking for.
  4. I don't think so for a $300 stick. Face it, the sticks have stopped getting lighter so the only improvements left are retaining performance and durability. 45 days? And you're only on the ice 4-6 times a week? You have zero expectations I guess.
  5. Oh shoot, I forgot about the funny shaped GEO shaft. Oh well, stuff happens. I'll cut a little groove in the crack, cover it with JB Weld and shoot pucks outside until it breaks!
  6. Have a new, broken GEO. Don't ask. Is stick repair a "good" thing? Who does it? How will it change the stick?
  7. Really? I thought the Blaine Super Rink (home of the USA women's national team) at the National Sports Center was the only place with 8 sheets under one roof. It's been there for 30 years. I guess I learn something every day! Pure Hockey is near the Super Rink as well as the famous Lettermen Sports. Pure Hockey had Prosharp sharpeners, I assume they have Sparx now. Lettermen's has a few Sparx. https://www.nscsports.org/indoor-facilities NSC is a crazy place on over 600 acres. It's so massive with so much going on I know people who have been there for numerous events that have no idea there's even a 300,000 sq ft ice facility on the site! There's the hockey rinks, PGA Tour designed 18 hole golf course, 52 soccer fields, 5500 seat stadium, and a 450' long dome. Until 2020 there was a full size wooden velodrome.
  8. Odd that Pro Stock Hockey Sticks .com aren't really Pro Stock sticks. They're designing and manufacturing on their own?
  9. Right. That's what I thought but wasn't sure. I have thoughts but can take them to the Sparx thread.
  10. A little bit of soap and water is the best way to get TM grips on.
  11. How about Island Sports Repair? I don't know anything about them but they were mentioned in another thread.
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