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  1. Agree. My son has bounces back and forth between Nexus D and Supreme EE. Tried out the Bauer 3D, laser fitter, tell me what to wear thingy last week and it said Fit 1. Ha! I don't think so!
  2. Possibly this patent has something to do with it but I can’t find Massive anywhere. Don’t want to go off topic here, so if anyone has any info on stock send me a pm.
  3. These comments are making my head spin. Don't confuse hollow with profile.
  4. I can't see adult players getting that excited about equipment unless you play enough to actually wear gear out. I'm on here because I have a child that normally plays eleven months a year. We really go through the equipment. I'm almost always buying top of the line gear but it's never current model. We broke a 1N and 1S sticks this past winter and went from size 4.5 1S skates in October, to 5.5 2S Pros in December. Now we suddenly have ice, both teams we're involved with are practicing, and I'm scrambling for I think 7.5 or size 8 skates! So to me the equipment cost is really a big concern. I still can't go out and buy new top of the line skates even at the second mark down. But hey, we just bought a new 2S Pro stick for $125. I guess stuff is so expensive now I feel like I got a great deal. I've never bought any pro stock equipment. As far as skates go, I avoid it on purpose. Too hard to know what you're getting.
  5. We use the SISU. Been through quite a few of them though. I wish they were a bit more substantial, but I suppose that's what people like about them.
  6. Like everywhere else, all hockey rinks (that I know of in Minnesota and Fargo) are closed. And many have removed their ice completely for now. Minnesota did get their high school hockey tournaments completed which was great but the Minnesota Hockey Youth State Tournament was canceled the morning it was supposed to start. That was a real blow and I know some teams had made it to the towns they were playing before the cancellation. The spring Minnesota HP program has been canceled. My son should have had tryouts in Moorhead this past Saturday. All of our spring AAA tournaments are in limbo. They're looking for June and July dates I'm sure. Some tourneys with 100-200 teams at $1500-$2000 each, I'd want to reschedule too! I know the Minnesota Made Stars and Stripes tournament in Edina is looking at moving from the May 2nd weekend to June 25-28. Who knows what will happen. Of course the health and financial implications cannot be overstated for many people. This is a hockey board so I'm posting about our hockey life being affected. I mean no indifference to anyone facing life or death issues caused by this pandemic.
  7. Aren't the original Speed Plates good too? They just had some quality issues.
  8. Too good to be true? Totally a scam. I’ve got sucked in before. Don’t even want to look. Especially now, we’re totally in a jam looking for Junior sticks.
  9. Bumping this back up to the top. After using these I do find their black blades to be great. Far superior to the LS5 blades (two pair) I made the mistake of purchasing. However, as SkateWorks stated over a year ago their business practices may not be the best. Sooo, does anyone know where to purchase Massive online in the future? Has anyone ever had any success contacting them? HockeyMonkey, PureHockey, and IceWarehouse have all carried Massive and all appear to be dropping the product. Probably not a good sign, eh?
  10. The CHS website states no warranty at all on their sticks.
  11. Can you repeat the part of the stuff where you talked about the things? That really doesn't make sense. Why have any different lines of skates at all then?
  12. Wow. I've sent them emails and never, ever got any reply whatsoever. Whenever I buy any Bauer product I just assume there is no customer service. Like the gear was dropped out of the sky from another planet.
  13. That's alright with me as long as we have Edge holders. I had a couple sets of V-Steel, got rid of them. Although I have no idea what's available for True in case we go that direction someday. But as long as we're with Edge I couldn't care any less about Step Steel.
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