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  1. I tried to message you, it would not send. Anyway, I'm looking for size 9 insoles, like what came in the UltraSonics or similar.
  2. As far as fit, you must have a fairly wide head. We have found the RE-AKT, and the RE-AKT 150 similar.
  3. $250 for a usable size. They're old skates. Unless there is a vintage surcharge.
  4. Wow. I guess doing them on my own I would never bake at 220. But if that's what the manufacturer says.
  5. Get them all replaced. What is an average store charge for eyelet replacement? Few dollars each?
  6. Thanks. That's helpful. My son had a pair of Vapors years ago for about a week, just too narrow. He doesn't have wide feet anymore and the new Fit system means we can get any Bauer skate pretty much. We went Ignite Pro +, MX-3, 2N, 2SPro, UltraSonic. Almost forgot about the pair of 1N's I bought him. He was growing fast and never got to use them. They're still boxed up in the basement!
  7. Anyone go from the UltraSonic to the Hyperlite skate? Thoughts? Felt tongue to whatever the Hyperlite is?
  8. We'll see. I have a QRE 10, 75 flex, that should be here Friday. Sorry, off topic.
  9. That's odd. What stick model was that?
  10. I didn't know that. It is too bad because we usually like a mid kick.
  11. Yes. And there are some obvious examples. Maybe someones Team USA gloves? We just played a hs team that has a kid that played for Team USA this past summer. He still has his gear, was using a red Team USA stick in the game. Can't really keep using those sticks forever but you can keep the gloves going! I'm in this thread because my sons practice gloves have holes in them. The lining and padding are in nice shape, gloves are only a year old. So trying to weigh the new vs repair. Gloves are retail Bauer 2S Pro.
  12. The LX Pro seems to be popular everywhere. As far as this Novium, I would just say it seems now the new stick isn't always better than the previous. Usually is, but not always. Agree? The company's marketing is going to require something "new and improved" and on a schedule.
  13. So Hockey Menders is officially no more? How about George's in St. Paul? $85 a pair, that's on the steep side? No one is really posting price they paid.
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