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  1. Hi all. Just purchased a pro stock Bauer Hyperlite. It's a P92M, 77 flex. 64.5", 410 grams as it sits with no end plug or tape. Code is: P92M-R 77 HYP-28I HYP I want to put an end plug in it but the shaft walls are so thick I might have to use a junior plug. Not sure what's going on there, I guess the pro stock build.
  2. My son shot the Proto on the ice last week. Said it actually does feel like cheating, just a crazy release. Felt like it might last about two games tops. Ha!
  3. Why can't you do this with the SPARX for one pass?
  4. Not gonna happen. It barely holds two sets. Two pockets on mine are really tight making it hard to use. I contacted Howie's and they told me there was a run of them with bad stitching. That was the end of our conversation. They didn't offer me a replacement. Nothing. I wasn't impressed.
  5. I don't get this business. It's based on people wanting an oddball curve? And these aren't CCM or Bauer products?
  6. Care to elaborate? Poor fit for you personally or just a poor design in general?
  7. To me most protective would be the longest but I understand what you're saying about the elbow fit.
  8. Really? Everything I've read says Mach is lightest. I just checked Pure Hockey's website they have the senior Mach's at 59g lighter. Not that it's a big deal.
  9. And Mach is Bauer's lightest skate. True?
  10. No lie Bauer top of line gear quality has dropped in the last five years or so. But my sons UltraSonic holders have gone through a tough varsity season and many many runner changes and they still work and feel exactly the same as new.
  11. Breezers? Are you from Minnesota?
  12. So will this be the end of NHL players losing steel during a shift?
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