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  1. helmet : Bauer 8000 + truevision cage - the foam pads are starting to come loose :( shoulder pads : bauer 4000 elbow pads : nike v14 - best combination of comfort, mobility and protection gloves : ponikarovsky pro stock easton - super thin nash palms, nylon, air gussets, nylon, possibly the best gloves available for the $100 CAN i got them for. pants : easton synergy 700 - just a pant, pretty protective, has a shiny silver lining :P shin pads : old itech - not liking them very much skates : bauer 8090 - supR nicE stick : prostock SL grip - the grip is really really subtle, almost like no grip
  2. Im waiting till the toronto ones come in. I picked up a pair of game used ponikarovsky ones from the store at the ACC a while ago, they're nylon short cuff ones with air gussets for $100, there was a tiny rip on one of the thumbs and the palms were pro nash so really thin but otherwise they're sick. go down to the store to check it if you're looking for gloves, they had some really nice ones
  3. goalie gear, skates, gear for his kids, maybe spread over 2 years, it's very possible
  4. wow, that's a steal. nice work miike
  5. naw man, it's artsy ;) sven, did you 8090's come stock with the perf blades?
  6. so is it harmful to just take a stick and flex it lightly (like 40-60%) to see how it feels? i'd be far too worried about a stick breaking or damaging it to see how far i could flex it.
  7. do you guys mind if a customer walks into the store to get his skates sharpened and clearly only that, but while he's waiting looks around, picks up a couple sticks, tries one a pair of gloves and what not (but makes sure to put everything back properly)? i got yelled at once for touching stuff that i wasn't going to buy.
  8. and you use all those, right? he'll always have a backup backup backup backup backup....backup... i give up
  9. that salming stick is ugly i'm liking the helmet though
  10. that's a pretty ignorant thing to say cobrAA. equipment doesn't always have to be expensive to be good. a guy on my team put them on his eastons after his razr blades broke, and he says they're pretty similar to tuuks. for $.88, you might as well try them lol
  11. i think there's a difference between people who are dumb and don't air out their stuff and people who, before they play, we down their gloves for instance, so they can get better feel out of them
  12. the liner in my 8090's have gotten a bit stiff when they're dry so they don't fit as well as after i sweat in them. it's a hydrophobic liner, so the extra sweat doesn't make the skate much heavier. my feet also get pretty hot usually when i play, so i actually like the feeling of damp skates . i also have to wet my palms, because they're really really crusty now
  13. that helmet is pimpin :lol:
  14. if i'm not mistaken, the tacks fit fairly wide in the forefoot and are moderately deep rightt? if you're looking for support in terms of stiffness, i suggest you look at the 8090's, since they are a wide, deep fitting skate. they are also pretty stiff, and have been great durability wise.
  15. maybe he mistook OPS for one piece shaft, makes sense to someone who's never played hockey or hasn't played since the 1960's :P
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