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  1. Warrior told me their W28 is a lie 4, and all these P28, Pasta/Kuch are all a lie 5. That is likely my issue
  2. What do you like better the P28 or the Kucherov I am having is a few issues controlling the puck with the P28 compared to my W28. I was looking at switching to Kucherov since it is a bit more closed.
  3. Wouldn’t Kucherov’s curve be what you are looking for? I know myself I am trying to transition from a W28 to a P28 and I find I lose the puck off the toe on a hard pass sometimes. I am considering switching to Kucherov myself seeing as it is the Fisher pro
  4. how does Pasta's curve compare to Kuch for those who have used them
  5. is there ever any discount codes floating around for these sticks?
  6. The bauer site says the curve has a higher lie on the toe than heel than a p28. Does anyone have any pictures?
  7. maybe, I just know the heel lift in the superfeet yellow is designed for skates. I just assumed the carbon or the new speed plates maybe thinner
  8. I current have APX2 skates and i find them slightly shallow. I am using yellow super feet in them and I am curious if a switch to the new bauer foot beds or the superfeet carbon would make a difference? The ones i saw in store today were lie 5 but my bauer has them as lie 6
  9. Are the MX3 pants a girdle and shell like the NGX?
  10. Can someone explain to me again what the last numbers me? Whats the difference between a 95-1 and a 90-75
  11. are thoses wellwood totalones shafts with wooden blades? or actually ops?
  12. i was just looking at the options on the custom skate form from bauer. what does it mean by cut counters? also on retail Vapor X60s 6.5EE, what is the heel width?
  13. what about colour options? i saw a picture of black brown and white x60s, they look like winter classic skates. would something like that be an option
  14. I have been skating FBV for about a year now. I start on 100-50. My buddy and I both found it was good for about 3-4 skates then it was flat and gone. After speaking with Sak, he suggested 100-75. Thats what I went with. I love it. It last longer, feels like the perfect amount of bite and still glides well like 100-50 did. Thanks SAK for the info, and I would suggest to anyone who has not tried FBV to give it a shot. It is going to be the future of sharpening.
  15. what curve and flex are the x60s? the blade looks like stock One95
  16. i dont think so. from what i can make out. total one grip-pm9-p88-p91a-p92-p106-p14-p02 non-grip- same thing no p02
  17. i might be wrong, but weren't the old STs a two tone blade. something to do with a shock absorber?
  18. i have a set of the Dupuis 4rolls too, i find them short and snugg. they are awesome
  19. what curve and flex are thoses?
  20. so i am assuming in Q4 of 2010 the one100 stick will be out
  21. whats thatt shannon curve look like?
  22. I've always just said, i want them done, 100 50....
  23. good choice. i skate on 1/2" ROH and the tech suggested 90/75, i didnt like it, ended up with 100/50. hope you like it as much as i do. I'm debating between 100/75 and 100/50 since I normally use 7/16". Leaning towards 100/50 though. i use to skate 7-16" and i found 100/75 way to much bite. 100/50 is better for me.
  24. i skated three hours with 100-50, i love it! i am a believer now. the first like 20 minutes were weird. it felt like i had no egde but one i needed to dig in, there was plenty egde! i also couldn't believe how much glide i was able to get to. that important now that i only play mens league and back checking is optional!
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