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  1. For anyone that was interested, skated on these for the 4th time on Saturday and they felt a lot better. The ice was actually half-decent for once, felt a lot quicker in a straight line and turning was massively improved. Not sure if I can put it all down to the ice, maybe it just took a little time to adjust. Regardless, really starting to come around to FBV.
  2. Henrik Zetterberg Z-Air Gloves. They've got a really interesting elasticated cuff that ensures complete coverage. More photos.. https://fbcdn-sphotos-b-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/1186960_790686014498_1938241912_n.jpg https://sphotos-b-cdg.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/1235362_790686029468_1577507296_n.jpg https://fbcdn-sphotos-e-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/1186689_790686139248_1579566520_n.jpg https://fbcdn-sphotos-c-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-prn1/1234955_790686164198_1537000810_n.jpg
  3. It was better last night, I think I'm starting to get used to it. It's interesting what you said about soft ice, it was bone dry because the ice was 'dry cut' before we got on but it's been consistently 25oc here for the past month or so (which is unusually warm) and for the past few weeks there has been a constant haze above the ice. It didn't feel terribly soft, but I assume the external weather conditions will have been playing their part.
  4. Thanks Zach - that confirms my suspicions. I'm skating on them again for the 2nd time tonight, going to see if it's just an adjustment period I need (or if it was because the ice was shocking last week - corrugated in spots).
  5. Sorry I should have clarified that a bit further - losing momentum in turning, straight line was an improvement. Just had a look now, I had them sharpened by the only dealer listed in my country.
  6. As far as I know yeah, never skated on FBV before so I couldn't be sure. Skating backwards and forwards was great, it just felt that turning was a lot more responsive, but I was losing a lot of momentum than before. Is that expected with FBV?
  7. Skated on 100/75 FBV last night (coming from 3/8 ROH) and it was far too much bite for me, it was like skating in treacle. Going to move down to 100/50 or even 90/75 to see if that is any better.
  8. Thanks for the help guys. Ive got a leg length disparity but Ive never really thought it affected me. Last week I noticed when standing listening to the next drill getting explained I keep shifting my weight from side to side and I rarely stand on both legs distributing my weight 50/50. Im hoping about 5mm will address this issue.
  9. Hi everyone. Can you advise me on what material is most suitable (i.e. durable) for crafting shim's out of? I assume it's zytel or similar but would love to hear if there's a definitive answer. Cheers, Stu.
  10. I'm about to shift over to FBV from ROH for the first time and would like some advice given my specific situation. I'm a reasonably heavy guy (100kg) and current have my skates sharpened at 3/8" ROH, just because I always have done. The general consensus seems to be that I could drop down to 1/2" given my weight and I'd see some benefit. The ice I skate on is hard, often very cut up, poor quality ice. Given my situation, do you think I would I better off going with 100/75 (3/8" equivalent) or giving 100/50 (1/2" equivalent) a try first time round on FBV?
  11. Bought this brand new in the packet to pair with my Jofa 390.
  12. I've had my custom Easton Synergy 800 gloves for about a year now but haven't had much use out of them because the cuff was too inflexible. I had a play around with them and decided this could probably be remedied by cutting them open and removing the totally un-bendable plastic from the cuff and possibly some of the padding. In each of these photos, the glove that has been modified is on the left. This is the amount of padding & plastic that was removed from the cuff of one glove. I ended up removing one of the two layers of padding. I'll remove the plastic and one layer of padding from the cuff later in the week. I have no doubt that the cuff will break-down sooner than intended, and in reflection I might have left all of the padding intact and just removed the plastic. You'll notice from the photos that the cuff now appears "flatter", it certainly is emptier now it's had all that removed. However, I want to use these gloves, and at the minute they're sitting around doing nothing.
  13. Thank you, they're both Lidstroms. Can't wait to get them on the ice.
  14. Big thanks to IniNew for helping me out with these.
  15. It's been a while so.. Helmet - Mission Intake w/ Oakley Straight Cut Gloves - NBH Vapor XXX's Shoulders - Farrell L650 Elbows - Reebok 8K Pro's Pants - Reebok 7000 Uppers/Bauer Pro Lowers Shins - NBH Supreme 70's Skates - Graf Supra 709's Sticks - Warrior Dolomite's D. Vyborny (2006)
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