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  1. I should have posted a photo of these up when I first did them before they got all dusty and such. Better late than never though... Haven't actually weighed them but needless to say they are light!
  2. Got these (Torspo Surge 221's and Mission Amp 3's) not long ago from Fatwabbit, only just got round to mounting the Pitch 3's onto the Torspo boots though :) PS: There are 5 pairs of skates visible in the photo. Can you name them all?
  3. That made me want to have a metal inspired internet security suite and chicken... Norton is neither of those things... As for the topic, The Cat Empire. Absolutely awesome chill out music :) also a version of Hotel Calfironia in french by them
  4. Least they could do is have a photo of it...
  5. While your there, do you think you could sabotage secuROM for the sake of PC gamers world wide?
  6. Sell it to someone and use the money to buy gear :lol:
  7. <_< haha... sorry Ben... would it be better to say that someone came over last night to my place and fondled them so much that I told him he needed to buy them?...... and he did. I swear you've got some kind of deal going on with various hockey companies to get all us aussies great deals on our equipment, just how much $$ are you making on the side :lol: Jokes aside, I need a new blade. I'll send you a pm
  8. Scored in my first B-grade match :)
  9. Those look suprisingly good, just about looks like it was made to be.
  10. just get some black felt tounges and your all set
  11. Great band, there supporting August Burns Red in a couple of shows down here next month, don't think I'll be able to make it though. also note my signiture :lol:
  12. Just stumbled upon a band by the name of MeWithoutYou, in my personal opinion their later stuff is nicer to listen to than their earlier stuff.
  13. Happy Birthday! How big is hockey over there in New Zealand?
  14. Going off topic a little, but I've had that sought of thing happen to me at freaking training, that pissed me off no end....
  15. Finally my review got approved. Amazing what little things can amuse you when you are bored. "Reviewer: AtOtHeO WTF? Exactly my team’s reaction when I put these babies on. Great fitting gloves. They remind me that I’m only doing this for fun(and the beer drinking after the game)." Definatly more people that need this guys attitude to the game though
  16. did you try and black them out with a shapie/paint? Otherwise pretty nice :)
  17. unless they're all hiding out being quiet, I think us inliners are beating the ice guys in the number of X:60's on display :lol:
  18. you play in germany right? yes, i do. but how do you know? Well the snippits of advertising in the background help... and there is the watermarks on the pictures that end in .de as well...
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