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  1. I'm strongly considering going the custom route with these. I was going to go with the Mako but like the all black boot. What do the guys who have them think of the composite toe box. The toe box scares me. I was thinking of asking if they could do a custom pair with a standard toe box.
  2. I remember when the South Shore Kings used to wear white pants with the capitals stars going down the side. Tough to get old.
  3. I just had a great experience at a LHS. I live in Mass. First, I went to one of the bigger LHS to get my 2.5 year old his first pair of skates. I dealt with a high school kid and they ended up not haveing a pair small enough. So, I took a ride to Cookes in Wilmington. It was great. The salesman went over everything. He fitted my son. Baked the skates. We talked about ways to get my 2.5 interested in hockey. The guy was great. Then we tried to fit him with shin pads, elbow pads, and pants but he was too small. Then we talked about the pros and cons to modifying equipment to fit him. All and all he spent about 1.5 hours with me. The place was busy so he was running around like a nut trying to help everyone. I talked to other fathers with older kids as well. We even watched the Bruins game on a flat screened while the skates were being baked. It was a great experience. Really it was a great afternoon with my son. It is part of the hockey culture. I was proud as hell watching my 2.5 year old trying to walk around the store with the new skates on, while other fathers were patting me on the back. Why would you give that up to save a couple bucks is beyond me. This is a little off topic but what the hell.....
  4. Why? I'm not trying to be a wise a$$. Whats the difference between the bauer retro gloves, the modsquadhockey bags and shells, jr's custom skates, etc, etc. I thought it was all about a bunch of nuts wanting the latest and best equipment they could find. I understand the no selling rule. I was on a wrist-watch forum and all the online retailers post and it is annoying. So I can see that we wouldn't want a hockeymonkey/hockey giant or ebay sellers posting sales and what not. But the situation with the bauers retro gloves seems to be different. It was a bunch of guys commenting about the bauer retro gloves, everyone wanting a pair, and one guy taking the initiative and placing the order. I don't think he made money on the deal. The gloves were only a little more than retail 4-rolls. A lot less than customs. I know that. And if he did make money, we supported a lhs. I don't know...just my 2 cents. What do I know.
  5. I just got the retro bauers. I will post pics when I get home tonight.
  6. I think I financed this purchase.
  7. Those are the ones I saw. I just was 10 dollars off on price. I called Hockeymonkey and they said they are x72, They also said they all have different palms. I would call before you order b/c I think they are all mismatched.
  8. Hockey monkey has some blacked out/no print black tufftek gloves for 139.00.
  9. When you order custom gloves do you guys order the gussets in mesh or just use the palm material?
  10. I just bought a pair of what I hope was the nylon prostock easton glove at my a hockey shop that repaired my skates for about 149.00. How do I know I didn't just buy the E-Pro glove. There were no tags on the gloves, they were just in an empty bag. They were black nylon, clarino palms, plastic inserts. Is there a way you can quickly tell
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