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  1. I see some sticks I like on eBay. but they have a spray-painted bottom. Is there a safe way to remove the paint?
  2. i should add.. they said with cad pricing you have to add tax and shipping fees.. works out to a few bucks less then in usd with no tax or shipping.
  3. i was told cad for canadian addresses.. usd for us addresses.
  4. nothing cool about what you're posting.. should have bit your tongue.. it will be nice to replace any/all of my tron gear. very dissappointing to see a company act in such a manner... unfortunate for the other folks at tron that hockeycrazy is such a doofus.. it looks like you are hiding behind a user name aswell.. while calling out customers? just insane.
  5. any one use visor spray on tron visors? which kind do you use?
  6. small package, just a visor, girdle and some tape.. kinda suprised it would even cost 11 total to ship 1 state over.. aside from the shipping mishap, everyone at hockey tron has been pretty good as far as customer service is concerned.. visor fit real easy on my 4500.. if anyone is looking into the tron girdle i would consider going up a size.. but it is a good girdle for the cost... overall not sure what to think of hockey tron.. i think you get what you pay for, as they say. anyone have thoughts or ideas on removing the hockey tron logos from the visor?
  7. jusy fyi to anyone ordering from hockey tron.. have cash near by when the post man comes.. i got hit with an 11 dollar fee, ontop of the 9 i already paid to the tron.. hockey tron said if i sent a reciept they would issue a refund.. just a little heads up, i feel like skimming through this thread ive seen it a few times..
  8. few questions for anyone whose used the hockey tron 30 clear visor.. what kind of spray do you use? do the visors come with spacers and screws? any troubles mounting on a 4500? anyone use the tron s10 girdle? looks very similar to the ccm referee girdle. anyone know the 30 percent code? cant seem to find it anymore...
  9. stryker where did you get those all black 4 rolls??
  10. what i dont understand about the warrior custom gloves is there are expensive as hell, but you cant get mesh gussets or a different cuff? so the only thing you get to customize is the color?
  11. neither, i think both would find red laces offensive
  12. will he play though? what if andy murray scratches him?
  13. Min 6. We do a few HS teams in them around here. so if i go to my local hockey shop, they would be able to order me 6 pairs of easton pro stock gloves in all black?
  14. those are sick, where did you get that stick?!
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