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    CCM RBZ Pro, CCM Super Tacks
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    CCM Ultra Tacks, True A6.0
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    CCM Pro 852 4-Roll, Warrior/MIA Franchise
  • Helmet
    CCM FL80
  • Pants
    CCM UCLP Pro, RBK 9K Girdle
  • Shoulder Pads
    CCM Ultra Tacks, CCM 1899 frankenpad with RBK/Jofa caps
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    Warrior Projekt Pro
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    RBK/Jofa 7K Pro, RBK/Jofa 8K
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    Warrior Pro

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    "The Great Lakes State"
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    Anything hockey (playing, watching, fantasy pools), music, movies, and the odd night out on the town.
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  1. Just speculating as an FL80 user who has wondered the same thing, but I would say that is the case. Seems as though the design of the FL line moving forward (if it continues) will follow the trajectory of the FL> FL3DS> FL500.
  2. Just joined last week when they ran a 50% off promo. So far, so good. I'm finally able to enjoy Justin Bourne and Katie Strang's work again. I can only imagine the content will get better as the season gets going. As an Oilers fan, it's tough to get good coverage of the team, so that is what I'll be weighing the worth of my money on. I like the frequency and the quality of the Oilers articles I've read so far though. Long story short, if you can get it at a price you can live with, give it a whirl. I don't think you'll be disappointed.
  3. Pants are black, size large, two-piece construction with all suspender buttons, Velcro and leg zippers intact. They are used but still in good shape with only aesthetic flaws; mostly board burns but no gaping holes or cuts. This particular pair came from the Boston Bruins organization. You can see in the pictures where the Bruins logo was removed (I do not have the logo; it was removed by the seller I bought these from). The CCM UCLP is a very popular pro stock pant because they offer pro level protection, while still being incredibly lightweight and less bulky than other pro pants. I finally found a brand new pair of Devils UCLP and don’t need two pairs of black pants, so don’t miss this opportunity to snag a great pair of pro pants at a very reasonable price. $80.00 + shipping SOLD! I will ship the next business day after purchase! Shipping is $18 to a US address. My Canadian friends can PM me for shipping info. Sorry, no trades. Funds must be US currency gifted via PayPal or add 3% (5% internationally) when paying for “goods and services.”
  4. I'm still an active two-piece user, and True has the best combo on the market IMO with the A6.0. I've only used the short-hosel tapered blades and have not had these issues in over a year of use. The blades on my 1st gen XC9 and A6.0 OPS did wear rather quickly (sounds like this has been corrected with the 2nd gen from what I have read), but no complaints about the two-piece blade durability. I just hope they continue to offer the HCS/Lidstrom pattern. Currently, they're the only manufacturer that offers it retail.
  5. These HT492s are the last iteration of the classic HT2-style CCM helmet. Both are used with black shells in good condition and foam in very good condition. One has side logos removed and the other does not. They are both size small, which is deceiving because the thinner padding makes them fit like a smallish-medium. For reference, I wear a size 7 1/4 fitted hat and these fit me when I had short hair. I'm asking $60 a piece for these, plus $12 shipping in the US and $20 to Canada. Price is firm, but we can work out a deal for both. I picked these up off Ebay a couple years ago and haven't seen one like them since. I have no idea if these are pro stock or not, but they are definitely a rare item. PHOTOS
  6. Here's a blast from the past; a pair of vintage CCM 540 Tacks, size 9 DA. When I picked these up last year they looked like they had only been worn once or twice. I applied 3 coats of Pro Toe to the toes, removed the giant "Pro Lite 3" decals on the holders for a cleaner look, swapped out the stock steel for scalloped steel, and added Elite 108" waxed laces. These were used three times by me for pond hockey and are still in very good condition. I just acquired a new pair of Ultra Tacks, so I'm making room by letting these go. The rivets and eyelets are rust free and the boots themselves show very little wear. As the pictures show, the leather has cracked a little bit around the quarter panel and tendon guards from age and the previous owner wrote their name on the the inside liner with marker; these are really the only defects of these skates and they are purely aesthetic. These are sharpened and ready to play in right out of the box. Grab a great piece of history with some upgrades for a low price. Check out all of the pictures and feel free to message me with any questions. $50 Shipped to the US via PayPal (gifted or pay the additional PayPal fee) SOLD
  7. "So you're saying there's a chance..."
  8. Try playing a small area game with some buddies either on the ice or on dry land. Take two nets and line them up on either a quarter or a third of the surface depending on the number of players... In that situation you have no room/no time to think about what to do. You just have to make a play. It really sharpens your skills and your instincts for those "close quarters" situations. Also, don't overplay the pass. A lot of times it's the goalie who will overcommit on the play. Sometimes it's more about what you don't do...
  9. This is certainly the case from where I sit. Graf skates seem to be the flip-phone of the hockey world. Different strokes for different folks I guess... I support your theory. I was in CCM Tacks pretty much my entire life except for 2007-2011 when I switched to a Graf G3. I was back in CCMs when the U+ CL came out.
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