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  1. I use custom orthotics from the doctor in my skates. Have been for 20+ years
  2. JR my man been well. Just doing my thing g. Old AF now. We met in what 03 corebeam days? Classic How you been ? ya man solid take, wore sperrys/swims all summer and chucks. Gonna need to throw the orthotics back on my shoes. I tied them loose the other day no pain so gotta be foot issue.
  3. Hey guys i haven’t posted on here in years but the OGs may remember me. Anyhow I have been wearing vapors since the first Vapor 8. I have had every pair: 8, 10, xx, xxx, xxxx, x:60, apx, apx2, 1x, 1x 2.0. I also have and currently play at a relatively high level, so the skates get good use. I just bought the 2.0 this past summer. I have never had any issues with Vapor skates. I baked them at a certified Bauer retailer and have been playing 1-3x a week since June with them. Anyhow lately i don’t know why, but if i really skate hard the outside of my feet hurt. Last night after a game i could barely walk the pain was unbearable, and this morning my feet are bruised on the outside. I’m just curious after all these years as to why this has happened. Has the fit changed so much? Are they that much stiffer than 1.0? I didn’t have issues with 1x 1.0. Are there any suggestions you can give? Should i tie them looser and tight up Top? Thanks everyone
  4. ovechkin with a 77 flex? wow
  5. is it even safe to put ls2p steel in there?
  6. on the right,and http://img233.imageshack.us/my.php?image=edhdut5.jpg
  7. not one team can compete with ncaa d1 in the acha, and maybe one can compete with bottom naa d3 conferenes like thenortheast let's not start this argument again
  8. update sticks: 3xsynergy se skaic 85, 1x tps pro stock rp119, 1x vapor xxx pro stock shaft w/sakic blade, syn2 85 w/ pro stock custom christian woodie, 2x ultra lite w/ sakic z carbon skates: vapor xxxx gloves: tps hgt custom, nbh 4 roll
  9. yes i have the white mitts and no its not in surrey, but same idea.
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s66RNQQTK3c figure id post this...although its the worst quality out there (digi), i'm #21. I got 2 snipes going in it near the end. If any of you are canucks fans, i hate you , since #6 on white is alex burrows and boy is he a loser. If you see them score and hear someone celebrate, it's him. O and this is summer hockey in a 3 on 3 rink
  11. lets not forget the guy who would feed the brothers in shinny
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