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    RBK 9K's/RBK 8K's
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    Warrior Dolomite/Bauer XX
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    CCM Pro Tacks
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    Mission Intake
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    CCM Pro Girdle
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    RBK 6K's
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    CCm Vector 6.0's
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  1. Yeah, it was a tiny festival, maybe 3,500 people, so I saw her walk past a few times, but friends trying to help/not liking her lead to me having to talk to her to apologise for them. Moving away for university on the 8th September so that helps!thanks man
  2. Saw the ex at a festival after 5 months, hello square one.
  3. I've seen these guys once, a few years back, seeing them again at http://www.twothousandtreesfestival.co.uk/, and I really can't wait, line up looks solid.
  4. Are many guys wearing green gloves this year? Not long until you head to Erzurum! Was fun for U18's atleast. haha
  5. If sparks don't fly, she's too high! haha, it's fun to watch the guys in these cars go over speed bumps. I know it's not a VW but http://www.motormaniabuzz.eu/2012/01/video-indian-speed-bumps-vs-bugatti.html that's a pretty funny couple of videos.
  6. The Gaslight Anthem, amazing. Saw them in Belfast, as brilliant live as they are in the studio.
  7. Take her with you, that classes as a date doesn't it?
  8. Thank you so much! Such a quick reply has definitely pushed me towards your skates, as soon as I can get the money together, I'll be buying a pair, thanks again, Justin!
  9. Hi Justin, I hate to bring up skates since it's been asked so many times in the thread, but, after getting back into roller hockey after a 2 year hiatus, my rbk 8ks, (the original, silvery/grey skates) in an 11.5 D are tight around the mid-foot, and was interested in your Alkali line, and was just wondering if you could enlighten me as to if they'd be appropriate? Thanks in advance
  10. Yeah, was just venting a little more. I'm in Ireland, they checked the rule book...ended up a 10+2, served by another player which seems a bit stupid since a blocker is more dangerous than a fist
  11. Amature B league isn't the kind of place to be using your blocker as a weapon, regardless of situation.
  12. Apparently a goalie cross checking me to the ground, while the puck was in the corner, and the whistle had been blown, then jumping on me and punching me repeatedly in the head with his blocker isn't grounds for a game misconduct, because he didn't drop his gloves
  13. This is true! Although, since I'm taking a gap year I'm not as worried, and because my top choice this year took forever last year to decide I didn't get in (I missed the grade requirements by a total of 3 marks, over 8 exams...) I wouldn't mind going to Liverpool! Thanks for the luck too
  14. Getting unconditional offers for university is a good way to brighten anyone's day!
  15. I believe it's high quality sublimation
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