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    Hockey, girls, golf, fishing, and stuff involving music/playing guitar. My band 122 Pumpkin Ave.

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  1. Helmet: Bauer 5000 with black 5000 cage Neck Guard: Itech with padding stuff removed (more comfy) Shoulder Pads: D&R (ooold school) Elbow Pads: TPS Flexor Pants: I couldn't tell you the brand name, some mid-ninties Takla rip offs that I got issued from my school team Shinnys: Jofa 9060's Skates: Nike V-12 Stick: 3 110 flex Easton Z-Carbons (Modano), 1 Inno 1100 shaft (no blade), 1 Z-Core shaft (no blade) i also wear UA short sleeve compression shirts and UA socks itech jock annnnnnd dentist mouthguard (tucked away in the cuff of my glove because mouthguards suck)
  2. I get a great deal because my friend/bandmates dad is best friends with the owner of Long and McQuade so Im only paying $250 for the month, I couldnt tell you how much it would cost to rent it at regular price. For anyone who is interested I rented a Line 6 HD 147 head and a Marshall 4x12 cabinet. Yea there is a PA but it sucks; they better not make me hook up through it, but I guess I gotta do what I gotta do.
  3. Bruin, that is soo phat I can't wait untill I get mine. Just thought I would brag a little bit on here :P but my band just got a gig opening for PROTEST THE HERO if you've ever heard of them you know their sick and I'm sooo pumped I've gotta go rent a stack for a month though so Dan's out.
  4. '04 Cort M-800 electric (PRS copy) '98 Gibson SG (terrible quality) EVH phase POD Cry Baby Wah Dunlop Volume pedal Line 6 Spider II amp. Looking to get the exact same LTG ec400 that is pictured before.
  5. Helmet: Bauer 5000 Cage: Standard black Bauer Shoulder pads: rediculously old D&R (so small, so light, soo sweet) Elbow pads: TPS Flexon (old school, very comfy and protective) Gloves: TPS HGT pro-stock Pants: Pro-stock Bauer Shin pads: Jofa 90(somthing) Skates: Nike V-12 Sticks: 85 Drury Si-Core grip, Inno 1100 with custom toe curve and I also wear these sport knee sock things under my shin pads so they don't slip, but thats it for under wear.
  6. Edge those custom Easton gloves are niiiice. Could you please PM me with how much they ran you and what your options were? Thanks.
  7. Sherwood21 your gunna be playing for a hell of a team next year. SAC always does well. Last year they won the St. Mikes invatational, my HS team played them and we could barley keep up (mind you for a public school we did better than most). All I know is that your gunna be in for some sweet hockey. Have fun.
  8. Ya, that would probably make it better.
  9. Might wanna go with a Modano curve next time too, the lie of your stick is just a little high.
  10. I'm not sure if you ski, but think of stopping on skates like stopping on skis. Worked for me anyways.
  11. 182.5 cm. I think around 6' is a good height also.
  12. What if you dont have any gear to show off :P Most of my gear is stock stuff or OLD stuff (like my prized DnR shouldies, they were my friends dads from when he was a kid)
  13. I saw the 7K's on greatskate.com and thought the caps looked alot smaller. JR, I know you said they are lower, but any idea how much?
  14. There is red, blue and white stiffnesses. If I remember correctly it goes red, blue, white from stiffest to least stiff. The F-I-T system is kinda of like a skate bake in the fact that they help mold the skates to your feet, however the F-I-T doesn't use heat to do it.
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