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  1. ADULT HOCKEY FEES Research was done in various cities in the US and Canada as to what fall/winter beer league hockey leagues cost. There are three ways that goalies are usually included in the fees: they don’t pay, they pay half or they pay a full share. Many beginner hockey leagues don’t have issues finding enthusiastic goalies willing to pay and so in those beginner hockey leagues goalies paying full price is fairly common. Otherwise, half and free are the prevailing methods. Below is a list broken down into the price per game using a 13-player roster (with the goalie paying half), with costs standardized to USD. Obviously there are different rinks in each city, so there may be other options at different price points. This is a small sample size for this blogs’ purpose. We want to build a comprehensive list of leagues and their adult hockey league fees. If you don’t see your league/city listed comment on this blog or tweet us to get it added San Jose – based on 24 games: $32.87 per game (Solar4America Ice) Los Angeles – based on 16 games: $32.19 per game (Lakewood Ice) New York – based on 16 games: $30.53 per game (Hackensack Ice House) Seattle – based on 24 games: $28.39 per game (Cascade Hockey League) Denver – based on 20 games: $24.07 per game (DUAHL Ritchie Center) Phoenix – based on 20 games: $22.15 per game (Oceanside Ice Arena) Boston – based on 24 games: $21.59 per game (New England Senior Hockey League) Memphis – based on 13 games: $21.37 per game (Mid South Ice House) Nashville – based on 13 games: $20.08 per game (Ford Ice Center) Toronto – based on 25 games: $18.22 per game (ASHL Etobicoke) Chicago – based on 18 games: $17.90 per game (Seven Bridges Ice Arena) Minneapolis/St. Paul – based on 14 games: $14.57 per game (MN Wild Adult Hockey League) Detroit – based on 26 games: $13.96 per game (Novi Ice Arena) Where does your beer league rank? Full article here
  2. Yeah Marc can explain it better but its actually made to like Marble. Looks pretty dang sweet.
  3. We just had to get new jerseys made ( bc the Gwinnet Gladiators wanted to sue us for using their logo =) .. ok we wanted new ones anyway but still..) We decided to use Junkyard Athletic after seeing some awesome jerseys Marc and co had done.. We gave Marc a new logo , a couple ideas , and he had free reign to do the rest. We wanted something a little different that would stand out. Here is our finished product.. I think they look awesome .. they are pretty unique too. Now we just have to get team "whites" haha. What do you guys think? We also got some socks made and a few of us ordered matching shells , that I will post when they are done. If your team ever needs new jerseys don't hesitate to use Marc and Junkyard. The Jersey prices are pretty reasonable for the quality and product that you get. The added customer service aspect is just a bonus. Marc constantly emailed to ask questions and ask if I was happy with everything. He was also very quick to respond when I did have a question or if I wanted to try something. Overall a great first experience with them and I will hopefully be ordering another set of jerseys soon! Thanks Marc for all your help.
  4. Which is becoming more the status quo in the hockey gear realm. sad to see but I guess nothing stands up to the almighty dollar.
  5. Is this the same kid who is on this and the other forum who bought this stick from PSHG and tried selling it for double what he paid before it got to him? I remember PSHG only had one and he was the lucky man to get it in the frenzy after a stick shipment was put online. However IIRC he tried selling it for double before PSHG shipped it to him. Some people complained to PSHG and they threatened to refund his money and not ship it to him . If this is him ...
  6. Hubol.... talked to a few guys who were in front and behind you in line. Mind showing us some pics of the rest of your collection? I heard rumors of some Crosby winter classic mitts and and some super marios!
  7. Same thing that I said... I had a couple friends pick me up stuff ... Im glad I dont live there. I would have ruined the my new home savings HAHA!
  8. Dunno if this can be posted here... but for all you gear whores.. This was the flames sale!
  9. Lucky on the socks.. the only thing i couldnt get someone to pick up for me bc they couldnt find them!
  10. Listen I am a beginner and have a bunch guys I stick and puck with who have played for a while . Anyway every Stick and Puck there is a 3 time Stanley cup Champion giving lessons and taking up at least the whole neutral zone. He is always doing stupid stuff, like one time I chased a loose puck into the neutral zone just to retrieve it and he skates behind me and pulls my skates out from under me with his stick. I said WTF man? All he said was stay off my part of the ice. So I am like WTF ever... Everyone is so scared to say anything to him because he is a Stanley Cup Champ blah blah... A cup and a ring isnt an excuse to be a DIck If a little kid skates buy him he will stick lift the kid.. But he will hit his stick so hard that the stick flies up like 20 ft in the air. He then yells better hold on to the stick tighter. Anyway yesterday they were taking up the whole neutral zone plus an offensive end. Mind you it was crowded on both ends and both ends were shooting on Goalies... So he keeps skating in between us while we are shooting. So I wait til he gets in front of the net and toss a wrist shot as hard as I can at him. I nail him in the shin and he goes down. He gets up yelling and screaming and telling me ,'lets go idiot , you and me right here. ' I simply said " Stay off our part of the ice" and skated off. It has been a highlight of my young hockey career to date, ok 3rd only to my first goal and my beginners team 1st win. BTW Happy Canada day to all you Canucks!
  11. guy is very lucky... players just keep handing him sticks..
  12. What did you end up giving for them?
  13. Well here is my small collection. Nothing special! The bottom 3 were all given to me ... The top 5 I acquired or Purchased myself. Top pair of missions were my first glove ever to mess around in Canada the first time I got on the ice. Cost me 20 dollars at Sportschek or some sports store lol
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