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    CCM FT380
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    True A6.0/A5.2/XC7 HCR
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    TPS R8/Bauer Nexus 800
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    CCM V08/Bauer 4500
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    Hockey, playing bass, product design.
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  1. We started to play and one of the equipment guys came out and said the team was up their ass about it. Kinda silly but I'll take it.
  2. Flyers kicked us off the ice yesterday! 9-11 skate was advertised but they wanted to practice at 10:30. Skate zone gave us free passes for another drop in and free hats though!
  3. Remember though, don't play hockey to stay in shape, stay in shape to play hockey.
  4. if the pictures are reversed, couldn't he easily just flip them?
  5. they were big because he cut out the back pad. I grabbed them with the hopes it could be something I could get replaced haha.
  6. Got them today actually haha. spotted them as soon as I walked in and snatched them up.
  7. Shelley Franchises Probably spent more time on the ice than his hands! He did cut out the pad on the top of the hand inside the gloves though. Anybody know how to go about replacing that?
  8. no offense but how is it authentic when they haven't even officially been unveiled it yet?
  9. Brought all my stuff home so i could get a morning skate in while I'm staying at my parents. Well all of it except for my sticks...
  10. missed this post. saw him at the blockley in philly and he killed it. then he was hurried off stage so ?uestlove could DJ and was abyssmal, and I usually like his stuff.
  11. I dropped my wallet at Dodgers stadium and got it back 3 weeks later with everything in it. luckily the 2 things I kept in my pocket were my Liscense (From Philly) and my debit card.
  12. put our 16 year old pug down today. We knew it was coming but it still sucked. we cried a bit at first but now we are laughing and remembering when he was a pup.
  13. you could scoop ice cream with that thing.
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