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  1. Two New Shafts. Cut from OPS, but they look sweet. Im sure one is a one95
  2. My haul from Michigan.. One95 Girdle Projekt Girdle 2 True EQ50 2 TotalOne 2 Shells Curve on TotalOnes. 77 Flex
  3. Is that s true Widow or just a Dolo painted like one?
  4. Love the Olympic version Dolomites Warrior put out. Im on my second one. Kinda want to get a Belarus one just because.
  5. Or you could just buy prostock and have normal graphics
  6. Sticks were the best deal at $75 or 3 for $180.
  7. My haul from USA Hockey
  8. Shoulda grabbed 4 more pair. I'm sure you could have made yourself some money
  9. It sounds about like "man those laces are fressshh"
  10. What does "looking clean" even mean? That he washed it?? Stupid PHEW talk
  11. I left the caps but removed the bicept pads. That was perfect.
  12. Is your excuse that you didn't need to buy anything to match the new team?
  13. This Became this today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Funny you say that... I was contemplating the Moose "no beaks and feathers" package but decided I'd leave it.
  15. My order for these was finalized yesterday. -.5 on the cuff and the blue is Navy. Thanks to the guys at Hockey Services for the help.
  16. On the Richards the cuffs look sewn together (less mobility)
  17. just got a job offer (in MI) which will give me about a 15K raise and drop my daily commute from 65 miles to 9. I'm so pumped... Custom TotalOnes to celebrate???
  18. Huh?? And that is on a C. Summers X:60 right?
  19. Yea, yea I know! I was tempted to go back, I was just sick of all the madness. You said you got actual S19's right? Two guys on my team got them also. One was a repainted S17. I told the guy, then I felt bad.. probably should bit my tongue on that one.
  20. My pick-up's from the Michigan Garage sale... not as good a deal as the S19's but I couldn't find an 85 Sakic for the life of me.
  21. I'll post a pick of my goodies from the Michigan sale Monday. 3 Hagelin AK27's
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