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  1. http://img230.imageshack.us/img230/1751/sticksmarch.jpg One70, Whited Out One70, and Vapor XXXX
  2. Yes lefty and yes you're correct it's a One50, my bad. Almost positive it has a PM9 curve on it and it's an 87 flex. It'll probably be collecting dust along w/ the S11 since I didn't care for either. SL is 85 flex, Forsberg curve. S11 is 85 flex, Heatley curve. Mission is 75 flex (almost the same as the 85 on the SL), Sundin curve. Shoot if it was a P88, I was going to see if you wanted to trade for my Mission Pulse 2 that I hate
  3. Lefty? What Pattern on that One55? It appears to be a One50 though
  4. where did you snipe those?
  5. FLDs will have the Bauer 4 roll on their April booking delivery. Thank you sir
  6. I read the whole thread and maybe I missed it in the catalog, but when is the date for the new 4-rolls to be available?
  7. Flagship name, just like Sher-Wood Coffey. Would you be surprised to see it switch to Kane in the near future?
  8. I would do bad things to those eagles...
  9. You shoulda transfered to brother rice in high school (if they have hockey)
  10. What curve is on that one95?
  11. Helmet : Black NBH 5500 Shoulders : RBK 6K - took off the extra bicep protection under the shoulder cap Elbows & Shins : RBK 6K Pants : CCM V04 Gloves : Eagle X70 and Mission WS (Fuel 90's I believe) Skates : White RBK 9K Sticks : Vapor XXXX, One70 x2 both P88's Mission Pulse 2 - Hossa Warrior Dolomite :- Draper ProStock (looking to sell!)
  12. want to sell any of them? and gloves if you happened to pick some of those up?
  13. You will be able to buy them in EVERY color after you unload those for 100+ on ebay :)
  14. What did you use on the toe cap and to black out the pump?
  15. Yeah I'm more interested in her as well!!
  16. Those are amazing.. I want to get a pair of kinda like that but with green where the orange is...
  17. Whole Lotta Gloves you sir are pure filth
  18. My white laces got thrashed too quickly so I decided to try black. They look okay i think. Maybe some black holders next? I got some mixed reviews on that idea from friends.. check out totalhockey with the green on it... if my team was green id think about it.. lol
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