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  • Skates
    Bauer Vapor X50
  • Stick
    Warrior Dolomite DD Pro Draper
  • Gloves
    Eagle SE ,
  • Helmet
    Mission Intake Pro
  • Pants
    X60 ACP, Nike Pro
  • Shoulder Pads
    Bauer One 50
  • Elbow Pads
    RBK 8K Pro
  • Shin Pads
    Jofa 8090
  • Hockey Bag
    Bauer Supreme 38"

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    ice hockey! lol
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  1. There are three tongues: thin, medium, thick. More padding in ankle area compared to AS1. After termoforming skates will be sitting ideally. This model was tested on the ice and its really cool. The boot is stiffer than AS1. The skates are cool.. cool , bla, bla bla )))
  2. Maybe to avoid reselling rings to end consumers by owners of PS100's
  3. That's not totally KHL, the national UK team vs. Torpedo(KHL)
  4. Another option is using the clips from Concept 3 Jr.
  5. honestly I'm not familiar with all those rules , but there is a question I'm interested in - is there no conflict between Bauer and CCM , placing CCM logo on Bauer helmet?
  6. so why it's branded CCM ? is it legitimate ?
  7. hello guys , who knows what CCM helmet #36 is ?
  8. they are , preheat an oven around 79-80 C,then put skates inside for 2-3 mins
  9. hi , check please pics , you will find a place where you should saw off a shaft to take a tapered blade, if your stick was legit , you wont face any kind of difficulty, if a stick was fake a file is needed to shape a rectangular hole to take a blade . It took me no more a couple of minutes to do that job , just sawed off and put in . as for any tapered blade - I believe yes , though I experienced only with Bauer's .
  10. as for me X80 is more similar to X5's according to specs and sizing
  11. converted APX and 10K , both took a tapered APX blade http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/15/img1433lh.jpg/ converting APX was the easiest I ever did
  12. One40s have LightspeedPro holder, so its the solid unit
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