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  1. I'm in UK and got one of these ordered in specially. I use a Bauer 1x, and didn't like the Alkali. The stick is finished in a weird almost papery feel texture to it. The blade felt sort of dead to me. I kept trying to get along with it but ended up selling it. Also after 15 mins at a training session it looked like I'd owned it for years. Gutted I didn't like it, was excited to get it. I wouldn't recommend it either to anyone. And I love alkali gear.
  2. Amazing Justin!! Thank you :-) Anyone know how many times you can bake RPD CA9s? First pair of Alkalis, and they're outstanding. Few of my teammates starting to order their own Alkalis now.
  3. Good call, I've just emailed puck stop and demon xtreme this morning as both carry their skates. I'll fire one to hockey station too. Weird the sticks and gloves are so hard to get. Fancy trying a roller hockey specific stick especially as it's made by true temper. Thanks for the heads up, appreciated:-)
  4. Hoping Justin sees this.. Having a real hard time trying to find a alkali stick stockist anywhere in UK. Was able to get my Alkali CA9 RPDs no problem and many shops stock the skates, bags and sometimes girdles. Never gloves, or sticks! The two things I'm really looking at getting hold of. Are Alkali subject to the same "no shipping outside of USA" like Bauer etc? (I understand why they don't ship out with) Basically I'd really like to get hold of the RPD Max stick as its specifically for roller. Any help you can offer would be great, thanks!
  5. 1) Nike Quest 1s (recently got hold of an unused pair love them 2) easton Mako 3) nike accel elites in white Been trying for years to get a good condition set if CCM 652/752s with the yellow/black stitching :-(
  6. Brilliant - many many thanks for all the bits of help recently <3 I am properly a fanboi and converting my team mates ha ha Thanks again!
  7. Similar question (I'd asked before and was advised to get a measurement) My friend here in Scotland asked me what skate was best to go for - I've recommended the Alkali CA5 over the T6 and other skates out there (one's available in UK) and he's taking my advice even although this means shipping from US to Scotland. With this in mind, he wanted to be totally sure he is ordering the right size skate - his foot is 27cm long and 11cm wide. Would he be ordering a 9? It's tricky to work the sizes as its usually a size down plus converting from UK to US size etc etc - it would be a nightmare to return back to US lol if he gets it wrong!
  8. Thanks Justin, appreciated :) hockey monkey only shows 3 curves (A17, A33 & A77)
  9. Regarding your 3 differing stick blade curves, which is closest to Bauer's P91A (Staal)? About to pull the trigger on a CA9 stick this week.
  10. Ok my friend is about to order some CA5's from the states. He is a UK shoe size 10.5-11 However this needs to translate first to US sizes so I guess he would then be 11.5-12 US Would he then order a size down? ie the US size he'd need to order would be 10.5-12 US Trying to get this right first time as he has no way of trying these on in the UK and the ocst of shipping to the UK is fine, but paying the same to return etc etc would be a nightmare lol. basically I have told this guy to get Alkali over the competition...please help me make sure he orders the right size or I'll look a twat ha ha!
  11. I was just talking to a team mate about the Alkali protective stuff - I honestly cant believe its taken this long for a company to bring out kit like this for roller. reminds me of Biltrite/Mission gear - it was perfect, I still rock a pair of Biltrite Works gloves from time to time (actually wearing them tomorrow for a tournament for a couple games) - the breathability was great in that line of produycts and this Alkali stuff is looking great. Definately going to end up getting the skates, girdle and stick. Already got a fellow Scotsman about to order a pair of CA5s over the competition, despite him having to order from the US and having to wait. What sold it for him was checking out this thread too and the fact Justin responds himself. Dont think Ive been that intereted in roller gear since the Mission/Biltrite era as I have in this Alkali stuff. Its nice its a roller orientated product.
  12. Nice one - how did they fix them (other than give you a new pair?) PS - I'll reply to your PM when I get home mate!
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