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  • Skates
    Graf Supra 705 SE with T'blades
  • Stick
    Warrior Dolo Spyne '10, TPS R8, TPS R8 Shaft/R4 Blade, Warrior Dolo DD Shaft/Swizzle Blade, Warrior Dolo Shaft/One95 Blade, Warrior Dolo Team Canada, TPS Adrenaline
  • Gloves
    Eagle PPF, Bauer 4 Roll, DR Legend 4 Roll, Sherwood T90 (TPS R8), Eagle X6, TPS Summit S7, Sherwood Pro 9950, Warrior Bully
  • Helmet
    Bauer 4500, NBH 8500, Bauer 5100, Reebok 4k & NBH 9500 Cage/Bauer HS23 Visor
  • Pants
    Tackla 951, Mission S-250
  • Shoulder Pads
    Easton Synergy 700
  • Elbow Pads
    Easton Stealth S19
  • Shin Pads
    Jofa/Rbk 4k
  • Hockey Bag
    Sharp (Local brand)

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    Montreal, Canada
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  1. Nice. Best looking gloves in the league (okay, I'll admit it I'm a little biased ahah)
  2. I'd like to know too. I've always wanted to have Mighty Ducks colored gloves. Did you send them an email? If they won't do it, you could try Eagle
  3. Now THAT'S a beauty. Pretty jealous, I gotta say.
  4. What's up with the weird CCM font?
  5. Those are sweeeet. Patrick Marleau used to wear them I think. I miss Nike hockey
  6. Let me introduce you to the best punk band ever.
  7. Looks legit, I'm very impressed by your dremel skills! I'm tempted to try something similar on some cheap RBE visor ahah
  8. I associate grey, navy and red with the NJ Nets more than the Pats but very nice gloves nonetheless ahah
  9. Nice pickup. I wish they had kept lime green instead of boring silver. Altough I can totally understand why they got rid of the bug ahah
  10. Someone else's name on the cuff is no big deal as it can be blacked out with a sharpie. However someone else's sweat... a sharpie can't fix that ahah
  11. Yeah definitely something nice to own, somewhat a piece of hockey history ahah. I wish I had bought that silver right handed OG Synergy a couple years ago. Could have made a really nice shaft...
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