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    Bauer Vapor X:40/Mission Vanguard MG - inline | NBH Vapor XXV - ice
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    NBH Vapor XXXX/NBH One95
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    NBH 4 Roll/TPS R8 Lite/MIA MB11
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    NBH 5500/NBH 4500
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    Valken Elite / Easton ST-10 Girdle
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    RBK 5k
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    NBH One90
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    NBH 32"

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  1. Sharks Eqm Sale next week : Sharks Ice at San Jose 1500 South Tenth Street San Jose, CA 95112 Wednesday, May 16 - Noon to 6:00pm - Exclusive for Corporate Partners/Employees Thursday, May 17 - 10:00am to 6:00pm - Season Ticket Holders? Friday, May 18 - 10:00am to 6:00pm - SharkPak/STH? Saturday, May 19 - 9:00am to 12:00pm - General Public
  2. This. You can see if you zoom in.
  3. They were $60 for gloves in good shape, $25 for the less-gently-used pairs Yeah
  4. Stuff from the Sharks EQM sale... Pants ----- Brand New Tackla 5000s Used Setoguchi Hustlers Gloves ------ Boyle - Used, holes in one palm Vlasic - Used, good shape White - New or close to it Nichol - Used a couple times, but he uses a leather palm, almost no wear Pavelski - Really used and signed. Gift for a friend who loves him. Sticks ------ Eager SE16 (S19 paint) - One of the few unused sticks on the rack Wellwood TotalOne (bought 3 of these) - Seem either gently used or just taped Socks ------ Got the 4 pairs laying around that weren't XL or XL+ Helmet ------ Brand new NBH4500 for $20. Why not? Not Pictured : Pair of Torrey Mitchell x:60s in great shape.
  5. Both -- they're customs that I decided to modify to shorten the cuff even more (just cut the floating piece in the middle out with a seam ripper) once I got them. Thanks! That color is "Brass" in the customizer if you're curious.
  6. I secretly wish? :)
  7. New pair of Warrior customs! Plus a group photo of some other black gloves :
  8. It's actually a perforated leather palm -- lots of tiny little holes to make it breathable. I have a pair of Aaron Johnson Warriors with the same palm.
  9. Any shop that can rivet an ice holder can rivet an inline frame, you should be able to covert those skates no problem. You can find a bunch of options online at a place like this : Inline frames @ inlinewarehouse.com or, if you're coming from ice exclusively you might prefer a sprung setup. Aaaaand, back on topic :) Mag Vanguard Frame RV Variant Wheels Bones Super Reds bearings
  10. Looks like a Canadian National Women's team stick to me...
  11. Odds are those BU XXXX Pros are from TSR. There are a bunch of ebay stores/sellers that carry tons of pro stock stuff who tend to list it in a way that doesn't always pop up in searches.
  12. Silver color scheme right? That looks WAY better in person than it does on the customizer. I'm awfully tempted to look into one. Pics of the curve? Yeah the silver looks a million times better in person than on the Bauer site. Maybe it's just the angle, but that P14 looks pretty similar to the CCM Tavares curve. It's a bit of a squared toe too isn't it? It's just the angle. They're nothing alike, the P14 is a somewhat open toe curve. You're right about the square-ish toe though.
  13. Clutch play for my fantasy team too! Me and another guy are always fighting for top spot in my money league and we're playing this week. I'm loving it!
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