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    CCM Custom Pro Tacks (2003) with Junkyard Athletic Custom Skate Soakers
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    CUSTOM TPS RLXN10 non-tapered OPS with Response+ graphics
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    TPS Pro Custom HG1
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    CCM HT2
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    Eagle X95 Girdle with Junkyard Athletic Shell
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    JOFA SP480
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    JOFA 1444M
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    modified JOFA 5090
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    Junkyard Athletic Pro Player Bag

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  1. https://www.sportico.com/business/sponsorship/2021/nhl-jersey-ads-approved-1234637203/
  2. The chrome XN10s (Made in China) weren't as good as the Made in USA and Made in Canada XN10s. That is a FACT! The chrome stick didn't have nearly as nice pop or balance + weight of the domestic sticks. Also a fact; the XN10 was supposed to be chrome to begin with and not 2.5-3 years later. Was told it couldn't be done at the time...
  3. Late to the party on this and surprised that @JR Boucicautof all people missed this. Your statement is INCORRECT and by MANY years. It was TPS Hockey with the first true sub 400g OPS in late 2003 with the Response XN10.
  4. Was eventually purchased by Hillerich & Bradsby (i.e. Louisville TPS) and was the brainchild of the RUBBER and TriCORE3 shafts, as well as the Response XN10 OPS many years later.
  5. An add on sale for the product you'll be able to buy direct from them come March 2021...
  6. I'm not saying this is why they are doing it, however, follow me here... In July 2016, there was an opposition filed to the USPTO (https://trademarks.justia.com/859/34/cooper-85934700.html). I'm guessing that someone challenged Bauer's ownership of the trademark for not having it used in commerce and their attorneys went into motion. A year later, the opposition was mysteriously dropped, and Bauer has since asked the USPTO for extensions, to the tune of a 5th extension filed and granted in March of this year. So, my guess is USPTO told Bauer to either shit or get off the pot, and this offering is them getting off the pot. BTW, this is why the NHL, for many years, has kept their top past team logos as offerings (i.e. NY Americans, Hartford Whalers, Minnesota North Stars, Quebec Nordiques) on nhl.com. Anyhow, carry on.
  7. But is it 12K? LOL Sorry, the older guys will get that joke... Look forward to seeing you next week! Safe travels, essay...
  8. The reason why men's pants don't and won't ever fit a female properly is that women are longer from the knee to the hip than a man. That's athletic woman, today's "average" woman, any woman, period. From there, the waist not being wide enough for today's "average" woman is an entirely different story.
  9. A number of reasons behind this. 1. As you mentioned, the gear is made for the woman ATHLETE, not the average woman of today. Unfortunately, the average woman today would only fit into men's hockey pants, which are poorly sized for their bodies in a number of areas. 2. To sell women's protective, pants especially, you need a woman who uses it and understands the proper fitting of it, and the reason a female hockey player needs it over men's gear.
  10. Not sure if the Alkali bag is still made in its original factory, however, the reason that it has been so durable is the craftsmanship. It is sewn unlike any hockey bag on the market, although, from finished product, you'd never know.
  11. I think Bauer is going to have a hard time switching him back while the Leafs are in the playoffs, as EQMs don't want reps around this time of year. They may be on summer vacation after tomorrow night; we'll see. I've been told by those who know that AMs deal with Bauer was patterned off of Crosby's deal with CCM and, as a former pro rep, for him to switch is most likely months (or the entire season) of being unhappy with product, not just the past few games or weeks. It's now up to Bauer to either work with him or let him walk... The latter wouldn't surprise me.
  12. Just because they are made of tarpaulin doesn't mean they are great. If the craftsmanship sucks, it doesn't matter what the bag is made of.
  13. Hi Dave. Didn't realize you changed your name on here. There must be 3500+ pro, college, and junior players that are using figure skates to play hockey then...
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