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  1. Since you seem insistent on leaking our POP catalog for 2020, you should probably take note that on the bottom of every, single page it says **ARTWORK NOT FINAL. These are placeholder, mockup images my friend. The stick you saw from the AHL player is a graphic sample. Those have been circulating amongst the pro ranks for a few weeks.
  2. Just wondering if anyone has tried the Vortex skate since the last update here? I'm intrigued about the inline version but when I emailed customer service over the weekend I was informed that the white trimmed boot isn't available (yet) in senior sizes. Was also told the weight on the skates is 3.5 lbs per pair, is this accurate? Also, any update on the custom skate program? The stock skates sound like they're too wide for me. Thanks.
  3. 2007 Chrysler 300 Touring. Steel Blue.
  4. Not custom but, my old faithful Eastons. In the eight years I've had them, I've never seen another pair in this color. I wish I could find more of this style glove but since I can't...I just bought these Warrior Pro Series this week.
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