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  • Skates
    Bauer Ultrasonic
  • Stick
    Warrior QR5 Pro
  • Gloves
    Warrior QRE
  • Helmet
    Bauer Re-Akt 150
  • Pants
    Warrior QRE 10
  • Shoulder Pads
    Ccm FT1
  • Elbow Pads
    Bauer Vapor 1X
  • Shin Pads
    Bauer Ultrasonic

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  1. As soon as the FT7 pros start getting spotted lol
  2. Glad I didn’t pull the trigger on these, I’ve been waiting to see if they were durable. Thanks for sharing 👍🏼
  3. Anyone got some experience with the twig? Thoughts compared to other twigs?
  4. Strange, I’ve seen ADV’s with supreme shaft shape, like Evander Kane, still having the bgp2b code on it
  5. Max Domi using a BGP2C? Any clue as to what that is? Also Gally’s QRE 10
  6. Yeah, I bought a QREdge from HSM, turned out to be a T4QR, mid kick Dressed as a QRE
  7. iameric

    Warrior Fantom QRE

    Stick History: Warrior QREdge, Warrior Alpha DX, True A6.0 Sbp, True XC9 Acf, Warrior HD1, Warrior QRL, Warrior Alpha QX, Bauer Vapor 1x, Bauer Supreme MX3, Easton Stealth CX, Easton Synergy HTX, Easton Mako 2 Stick Info: Warrior Fantom QRE – W03 Curve, 75 Flex Height: Uncut Weight: 360G (approx.) Grip: Yes Usage: On and off for the last 5 months I was super excited to get my hands on Warrior hockey’s response to the Bauer Vapor ADV series, being, I’ll admit, a Warrior fan boy. Blade (4/10): With this being an insanely light weight stick, I did not expect this blade to be the most responsive or greatest feeling. And as expected, it is not. I found that I was forcing myself to use the stick for a couple games before finally getting comfortable with the blade. But once I got used to it, I found it to be not that bad, but yet not that good either. Again, to be expected with a stick at this weight. Even though this stick is crazy light, the blade is very stiff and did not torque out when shooting. Shaft/Flex (7/10): One thing I find with Warrior sticks in general is that their sticks made in China play stiffer when compared to the sticks made in Mexico. The Fantom QRE is made in China. I got the 75 flex and it feels slightly stiffer than other 75 flex sticks, but still softer than 80 flex sticks I have tried in the past. The Fantom QRE has a traditional shaft shape, which is what I prefer, with a not too tacky grip coating with the Edge Taper for quick release. Shooting (9/10): The Fantom definitely gets the puck off quickly thanks to the Edge Taper. I find this stick to shoot similarly to the QREdge, but with a little less feedback. Overall, I really do enjoy shooting with this stick and never seem to miss the target more than I usually do. Stickhandling/receiving passes (7/10): This one is tricky. I am no NHL player or better than your average beer leaguer and I do tend to have my head down when I try my dipsy do’s. For stick handling, I like this stick since it’s super light and easy to maneuver. I find my stick handling to be slightly faster, but it might be some placebo effect from how light the stick feels. When it comes to passing, that’s another story. I found the Fantom QRE does not have the most feedback when it comes to passing and found myself missing the target until getting used to it. Receiving passes was also a learning curve as I would miss receiving passes in the first few games, but again after getting used to the lightweight stick I would not miss as much. Main point here, it is definitely a stick that you must get used to at first. Weight/Balance (10/10): Well, at 360 grams the Fantom is incredibly light. The balance is excellent and not blade heavy at all. Warrior did a fantastic job. Durability (8/10): This is my second Fantom QRE. The first one got a clapper at point blank. Honestly, I do not think any stick would have survived. Warrior replaced it no problems. The second Fantom QRE has had no durability issues. I’ve been slashed and hacked multiple times and even deflected some shots off the shaft with no cracks or breakages. The blade has held up great and has not lost its stiffness. I do believe the Fantom QRE is a tough cookie. Also, Warrior backs it up for 90 days. Conclusion: (7.5/10) The Fantom QRE is a fun stick. After a few games to get used to how insanely light it is, the Fantom QRE is a very useable stick that provides great shooting. However, I always find myself going back to the QREdge over the Fantom after a frustrating game where I would usually give another stick another game or so. For the big price tag of 400$ CAD or 320$ USD, I would personally shoot for the regular QREdge before forking out a wad of cash for the Fantom. Although, I do very much so enjoy how light it plays in hands and the 90 Day warranty is appealing and reassuring.
  8. You sure it was a true QRE10? Did it have big checkered carbon pattern similar to the Fantom? I’ve see a few pictures of them and they all had the big checkered pattern with an Edge taper
  9. T8 = Sabre Taper D2X = Extra stiff DX build blade
  10. Looks like a straight Edge taper with an extra edge on the top from what I can see
  11. I’ve noticed when the top tier stick gets a replacement they make a run on the last gen in china and they go on sale. This happened for the QRL as well as the QX
  12. Better feel, more pop. Was not a fan of the qx what so ever. Found the QX to be soft, when you passed the puck or battled in corners the thing would fold, atleast mine did. The grip also came off of mine on the corners. When it comes to the DX I find it shoots much better, loving the blade feel and seems to be a much sturdier stick overall. I’ve only used it three games so far but definitely a better stick in my opinion
  13. I got one, definitely lighter than the Edge. Grip is nice, good pop, shoots similarly to the Edge. One thing I will say is that it’s been three games with it and I’m still unsure about the feel. Definitely not used to it yet. Solid stick, took many hacks throughout the three games it does have under it’s belt and holding up nicely
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