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  • Skates
    Bauer Nexus 800
  • Stick
    Warrior Custom - Toews Pro2, Matte Clear, 280flex, Zetterberg length with small wood end, "Dynasty AX1 graphic"
  • Gloves
    Custom Luxe - NYI Colors
  • Helmet
    Krown Pro
  • Pants
    Mission Thorax Girdle
  • Shoulder Pads
    Warrior Projekt2 ... Frankensteined
  • Elbow Pads
    Warrior Projekt2 ... Frankensteined
  • Shin Pads
    New Model - Dynasty AX2
  • Hockey Bag
    Warrior PRO bag - Pro Department Spec and Color

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    Golf, TheBoy, TheGirl
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  1. The full and real story will be at ModSquad. Catalog pages and catalog copy can be posted elsewhere, but you'll get the story on the product and opportunity to ask questions HERE, and only here.
  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the value/performance of the sticks. Exactly what our product team was going for when putting this spec/look together. What they didn't plan for are the rattlers you described. I'll let our team know. If it's under your warranty period, you could return for replacements.
  3. No apology needed...you're totally right and intuitive to say so. It wasn't much for a product info blog post. We're not able to reveal too much on the stick right now, but stay tuned here and our blog for more info as we get closer to launch.
  4. My new favorite quote "Its not much". I'm putting that in my email signature.
  5. Yes. The materials degrade over time. The stick losing "pop" is usually how players describe this. In the grand scheme, sticks are resisting catastrophic failure and staying "fresh" longer than before. I can only speak to Warrior sticks though.
  6. Sales. Plain and simple. 2015 Dynasty line offered W01 on every model and 28 flex options. The product didn't move. A pattern to consider and to start getting yourself accustomed to is W88. Though the curve is deeper, the blade size, heel shape and other profile features are the closest.
  7. W01 is still with us in 2018, but it is very limited...I'm not using the words "phased out" yet though. Thanks for the kind words on QX4. I can't take any credit, but will pass along your thoughts to our product team. It's a source of pride for our engineering team that we continue to improve ALL our sticks in each line. They've done a fantastic job over the years.
  8. Before we return to topic, here's a nice blog piece written by our retail rep John (in Manitoba) about our pro rep that services the Winnipeg Jets, John Kirk. It's a great story of how our recent growth in the NHL was a direct result of relationships, service and attention to detail. https://warriorhockey.com/2017/11/20/more-warrior-in-the-nhl-than-ever-before/
  9. The options are there, just in case, for the players that need them. Our reps are very good at working with players to determine their levels of customization. Most players don't go to all that detail.
  10. Just adding some insight from the inside. Yes, we do pay players we use for marketing. I agree, it's a business - but I just wanted to state that we don't pay every player and the reasons why those players use our product.
  11. "Warrior throwing big money" - not true. The majority of our players use our product with zero incentive. They appreciate the relationship, service, product insight and quick turnaround from their reps and our factory experts. You'd be surprised at how few players we pay vs. the huge increase in usage numbers we have in the league this year.
  12. I love these discussions. Yes, individual NHL player specs don't match the graphic and the retail marketing performance story tied to the graphic. The NHL sticks on the ice are decorated to do one thing - drive retail sales and brand awareness. Simple story of Covert and Alpha helps drive awareness of our brand and our stick lines to consumers who tie them to the sticks they see on the shelves at retail. Now, that said, there are many pros who use off-the-shelf retail constructions. Currently over 75 players use the Alpha QX retail construction - and given then can get anything they want, that's pretty good.
  13. QXT is a lower priced option. A new addition for teams that could not afford the price of QXPro.
  14. Thanks for adding in the explanation. I'm too close to the business that I don't realize not everyone knows the Canadian channels so well. Should also mention National Sports (regional Ontario sporting goods chain) to the family of banners. Thanks for buying the QXPro, it's a great stick. Our "Pro" line is directly influenced/spec'd by our sales to pro sales. Teams that buy these sticks ("pro" "Team") prefer the gloss finish since they tell us there a tape adherence benefit. Not sure if it's true (haven't seen any studies on it) but we provide what they ask for.
  15. The Alpha QXS1 is a special model for sold at Canadian Tire (Canada) and Dick's Sporting Goods (USA). The stick's constructions is primarily based on the QX5, but heavier. If this model was in the regular line of Alpha, it would be marked QX6. Nice stick for a great price. Best suited for the hockey consumer visiting those stores looking for those products.
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