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  • Skates
    Bauer Nexus 800
  • Stick
    Warrior Custom - Toews Pro2, Matte Clear, 280flex, Zetterberg length with small wood end, "Dynasty AX1 graphic"
  • Gloves
    Custom Luxe - NYI Colors
  • Helmet
    Krown Pro
  • Pants
    Mission Thorax Girdle
  • Shoulder Pads
    Warrior Projekt2 ... Frankensteined
  • Elbow Pads
    Warrior Projekt2 ... Frankensteined
  • Shin Pads
    New Model - Dynasty AX2
  • Hockey Bag
    Warrior PRO bag - Pro Department Spec and Color

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    Golf, TheBoy, TheGirl
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  1. Sales. Plain and simple. 2015 Dynasty line offered W01 on every model and 28 flex options. The product didn't move. A pattern to consider and to start getting yourself accustomed to is W88. Though the curve is deeper, the blade size, heel shape and other profile features are the closest.
  2. W01 is still with us in 2018, but it is very limited...I'm not using the words "phased out" yet though. Thanks for the kind words on QX4. I can't take any credit, but will pass along your thoughts to our product team. It's a source of pride for our engineering team that we continue to improve ALL our sticks in each line. They've done a fantastic job over the years.
  3. The functional tech (Quick Strike/Saber Taper) is the same through the whole line. Whether you pay $300 or $90 for your stick, it's the same tech(we're pretty proud of that). The major differences you'll see, from Warrior, is raw material and process. The higher end sticks are lighter and are made using USA materials at our pro factory. The lower models are a little heavier with materials that don't have as high tolerance and more composite content. BUT - I will say that our processes and efficiencies over the years have made our $99-$200 sticks very very good. Our $99 stick in 2017 is lighter and performs better than our high-end sticks from as little as 4yrs ago.
  4. Alpha Force Pro stick is an SMU for SEC dealers. Its closest spec is to the Alpha QX4 with some updates (12K graphite blade) Here's a link to some more info from SEC. http://sportsexcellence.com/product/warrior-alpha-force-pro/
  5. Will Warrior be releasing a new line of replacement blades for 2017?  I see the pro curve ones on Monkey, but I am wondering about the retail ones, like the HD1 line from last year.

  6. Hi Keith,

    I've been wanting to try a Warrior pro stock stick, and the G3LR construction stands out as a popular one among pros (and MSH users). From what I understand, it's one version of the pro-spec Dolo you offer, however I've heard a bunch of different things. I've also seen G3R and G3LRN builds on some sticks, and I was hoping you could shed some light on the differences between the three builds.


    1. Miseaujeu


      Light blade kit

      Ribs in blade

      Neck (or Tenon) reinforced


  7. Hey, I appreciate your comments in the stick thread explaining the differences etc. I wanted to correct your post but I wanted to keep the thread on topic so here is what I initially wrote. 


    So a 318 has a 1.8, 323 has a 2.3, 325 has a 2.5, 328 has a 2.8, 330 has a 3.0 and a 335 has a 3.5?

    I don't think so.  The 330 has a 2.0 and the 335i has a 3.0.  I think some semblance of what you said used to be correct, but it really isn't the case anymore.

  8. No one responded on the 2016 Warrior catalog page so maybe you may know.


    Is Warrior releasing a full line of protective gear this season?  I saw the QRL gloves and pants but no other line.  I've asked around at my pro shop but they don't do a ton of business with Warrior so they do not know.


    I need to replace my gear so was waiting to see if the QRL will be the "lighter" line like Bauer Vapor, and if the Dynasty will be the "heavy" line like Bauer Supreme.  



    1. Miseaujeu


      Warrior is not releasing Shin/Shoulder/Elbow for 2016 - Dynasty was carry-over.

    2. vtaenz


      Thank you so much.


      Do you know if it will be a fully fleshed out line in the future?

    3. Miseaujeu


      Yes I do. Can't share any info on that yet.


  9. 1. CCM 552 2. Mission PureFly 3. CCM ProTacks (the first one circa'01/02) 4. Mission Flyweight M 5. Graf 705
  10. Extreme rare find. Made in Taiwan. This is really the OG Flyweight.
  11. Yes to all questions. The process/offering mix at the factory doesn't change, just the internal specs/features. AX2 is different from Dolomite in the following ways All New Blade: TwinSpar+Carbonized+Aramid Sole+HardcoreX = Lighter and StrongerNew Handle construction: lighter and same durability from OG Dolomite.Hope this info helps.
  12. DT1 will not be available in JR on the customizer. They are made in China. AX2 construction will go live by end of this month (any "dolomite" stick ordered will be using new AX2 internal construction improvements: blade)
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