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  1. Interestingly that doesn't look all that big compared to a hockey helm Haha!
  2. If that's the issue have you tried wax laces and also lacing them over under? It'll help keep your laces from loosening up and keep the heel lock
  3. Interestingly that doesn't look all that big compared to a hockey helmet
  4. That's a great point. Didn't realize football helmets are that much larger than hockey ones. Makes sense though given how much they hit their heads. Found an interesting article about the VT rating system. Basically says that Parents are demanding that their kids only use a 5 star helmet so at the end of the article the CEO of schutt says they are making they're helmets for the 5 star rating, not sure if thats a good thing or not but TBD I guess http://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2015-01-28/the-controversial-safety-ratings-that-sell-football-helmets
  5. Anybody notice how most of the football helmets in the VT study were 5 star rated? Wonder why such a discrepancy between the two...
  6. Thanks gosinger & Buzz. Appreciate it. I was thinking it would be fine but just didn't want to get harassed and pressured into buying there. Rather buy at my LHS for many reasons but nervous to switch between the skate brands. If I like them I will switch to Bauer so having the demo option is big
  7. Thinking about making the switch from RBK skates to Bauer's. Would this store be a good place to demo? I'd rather demo there and buy from my LHS. That should be fine right? I'm guessing the store is more about branding and advertising rather than actual sales there???
  8. I tried to find the heat moldable cast that they used on my thumb and was having difficulty finding it online. Its called a thermoplastic orthosis or sometimes called polymorph. I'll try to get official name of the product I'll be using in my glove for you when I go back to the ortho office And your exactly right Monty. I was looking for the most protective. Looks didn't really play a role. You have any thoughts/opinions on the Vapor APX Pro's in terms of protection level?
  9. Thanks Amiroo. Thats great to hear. I look forward to trying them out once the thumb heals. Appreciate the info and help! And Akravetz I think your idea of adding anything hard inside the glove is a bad one. Mostly because if there is an impact there now you are up against a hard object rather than the internal padding. What I plan to do is to add some heat moldable cast material to the thumb region of the glove by inserting it on the outside of the glove between the thumb joints, meaning above the thumb lock peice and below the padding on the thumb. Think that may be the way to go instead...
  10. Hey guys, so I went to my LHS today and after trying out a few gloves and trying to flex the thumb back I ended up buying the Bauer Vapor APX Pro gloves. They were on sale for $120 down from $190. Liked the fit and seemed protective. Just wanted to see what everyones opinion of them is and what people think of the protection level? The therapist that put my cast on said she can make an extra insert for the thumb of the glove to add more resistance to hyperextension. I'm going to take her up on that and try to put it between the thumb lock pieces on the outside. Hopefully that'll do the trick!
  11. Thanks for the info guys. I'll add the Eagle '+' models to the list. I've heard the Sentry gloves are very protective but I probably won't be able to try them on so I'm a bit hesitant to order them. And regarding the AX1 comment, thanks for the heads up, I hadn't looked into them but they look great and very protective. Definitely will try them out! Any thoughts on the Rekker's or the T90's?
  12. Hi guys, unfortunately a week ago I broke my thumb from a hyperextension injury and am out for 6 weeks of play. Even worse is I'm not able to work for 4 weeks as my job is heavily dependent on my hands. The fracture happened from hyperextension of my left thumb despite the "thumb lock" on my Easton gloves. Part of me thinks the gloves were sized too small and therefore didn't protect my thumb completely. So I am looking for the most protective gloves available since my job depends on it. I noticed the Sherwood T90's and Rekker's have very good thumb locks as well as the Warrior Bone system gloves. I prefer a taper fit and good wrist mobility. Wrist protection is not as important as I wear slash guards. I will obviously be trying the gloves on prior to purchase but wanted to narrow down the search based on recommendations. Any input is really appreciated! Thanks!
  13. Thanks. And yeah I can imagine feeling that way as a goalie. Hadn't thought of it that way
  14. Thanks a lot for the feedback and review. Sound like the thin rather than the ultra thin would be the way to go for me. Going to pick up a pair. Appreciate your review
  15. I'm between the tuff n lite thin vs the warrior cut resistant socks. Hard to find any feedback on either. Any input you have is appreciated
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