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  1. This video on True skate production which clearly shows the masking tape. (https://youtu.be/eNRH-wkPKRQ?feature=shared&t=145) It is not attached to the mold at this point of the process, but rather taped on shell. I assume removing the masking tape would not affect structural integrity, but I'm concerned it might affect volume. VH likes to "tinker" with volume using tape/foam. Previously they told me to add a second layer of their thin red insole to decrease interior volume. They also told me to remove the red foam from the toe cap to relieve pressure on the ends of the toes. So I am wondering if this tape might be used to adjust volume? Or perhaps there are other comfort factors?
  2. Subject: Paper under the footbed of the True Customs The material under the foot bed is some sort of paper or cardboard in the True Customs, unlike my CCM Ribcors which are carbon fiber. Some of this paper is peeling off. Is that a concern? Under the peeling paper is plastic and the black carbon fiber. Should i peel the rest of the paper off or will that damage the skate? The paper is smelly after years of soaking up sweat. I'm assuming it's there because it was part of the "foot last" that was created as a part of the custom process?
  3. How did you make that tool ? It looks useful.
  4. I actually think that's why. I was on size 7 CCM skates with 263 holders. When I switched to Trues custom skates, they were about 6.5 (based on the foot bed). I used the same 263 holder and steel because it's easier and cheaper to be able to switch the steel between my pairs of skates. The disadvantage, especially for True Custom skates is that there is not much of a flat bottom to mount the holder, that's why the Shift holder is much narrower. If you use an oversized holder, the installer might have trouble riveting the holder on properly. I had some warping issues where the holder was no longer straight enough to hold the steel. the shop had to adjust the installation a few times. This issue might be specific to True skates.
  5. I just replaced my shift holders with XS holders after reading this tread. I think my LHS reused the medial row of rivet holes and drilled new holes on the lateral side. Not sure if I'm imagining it, but I feel like my xs holder was mounted too much to the medial side and I have to much weight on my medial (big toe) side. I also have wide feet which probably exacerbates the problem. Anyone else with this issue? https://imgur.com/a/sVsMlMj
  6. I live in a non-traditional hockey market. The LHS doesn't know how to install a set of XS holders onto my True Custom skates. I checked that the stepsteel is straight when it's loose, but when the steel is placed in the holders, the steel become warped. Skates wobble when I went for a skate. The LHS says the True Customs doesn't have a flat foot bed so it's hard to install the holders. Anyone done this and have advice for the LHS? They tried a few times and still can't get it on straight. https://imgur.com/a/xxiKN9P Thanks
  7. Normally, I keep my equipment dry and clean, but one night I left my gear in the car overnight and the next day they smelt terrible - except for my Warrior Alpha DX Elbow pads. Which led me to wonder, was it because of the Wartech FNC Polygiene liner? I did a bit of research and found that Polygiene uses silver salt to combat bacterial growth: https://polygiene.com/biostatic/ And also silver salts and silver nano particles are used to combat microbial growth in medical settings: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5502666/ Has anyone had a similar experience as me with these liners? Who do the other brands compared with Warriors Wartech FNC Polygiene Silver Salt coated liner?
  8. Yeah I should take advantage of pushing the net across at the end of practice. But the nets aren't always out? Is there another thing to push. Another teammate I suppose is common...
  9. This training with no laces... I've been working on externally rotating my femur and activating my glute medius more during my stride. I find that I am able to get the toe flick more to the side instead of down (like walking). And of course using the glutes results in a lot more power. Is this similar to mechanical changes you noticed when you trained with no laces on?
  10. I went to Thomson Street in Wanchi and found the exact Irwin Quick-Grip Ratchet clamp Scott Van Horne used in his old VH skate vid. It's rubber grip holds the skate better than other models I've tried. But the carbon fiber heel construction of the skate is stubbornly stiff, I'm having trouble compressing it at all after heating. The ankle portion gets softer, but that's not what I should be targeting right?
  11. I am getting heel slip. I have been using the stretch wrap technique as well as the ratchet clamp technique. True also sent me more of the red foot beds to remove negative space, but none of this seems to work. I still have my heel slipping up around 1cm (is this too much?) I do have a narrow heel and narrow ankles. The only skates which locked down my heels were the Easton S15 and S17 with their aggressive ankle lock design. My True skates hug my ankles snuggly after the stretch wrap technique, but my narrow, sloped ankles do not provide enough grip to prevent slip. There are a few other problems. One, my toes do not brush the toe cap when standing. Two, the heel pocket is too wide and provide no lateral grip. Three, there is space behind/above my heel. Why do most True skates have this big camel hump on the back if the skate? When I reach inside the hump, it's filled with foam padding. Was it designed for people with Bauer bump? Is the heel portion of my True skate actually fitted for me? I know it's mostly custom, but I wonder if this heel part is generic. And if it is fully custom, why is there this hump when my feet aren't shaped like this?
  12. I am trying to understand what parts of the skate are most important in preventing heel slip. This topic of heel slip has been covered many times, but I'd like to ask this question from a different perspective. For those of your who don't get heel slip, which parts of the skate do you feel are holding the heel down when you push down on the toe? Put on you skates and push down on the ball of you foot/toes, what prevents the heel slip? Is it pressure from: 1) laces above the forefoot (bottom 3 eyelets) 2) laces above the instep (middle 3 eyelets) 3) laces in front of the ankles (top 3 eyelets) 4) downward pressure from behind+above the heel 5) foam surrounding the ankles 6) Pressure squeezing the foot back from the toecap and forward from the heel 7) Pressure squeezing heel laterally from either side 😎 Other Also, do you feel A) No heel slip at all (heel can feel) the foot bed while flexing the calf B) No heel slip but heel comes off (1-2mm) foot bed due to compression of socks/skin/muscles C) Some heel slip (heel comes off 2-5mm) D) Moderate heel slip (5mm or above) Also, do you toe-flick with: 1) push off using download pressure from ball of your feet 2) push off with scrunched toes (the way Laura Stamm teaches it if anyone has her instructional) Personally, I'm trying to heat mold a pair of skates and I have narrow heels and ankles but wide forefoot. So I'm trying all kinds of things like ratchet clamping the skates, added layers of insoles, lacing, stable 26. None of them seem to do the trick... Thanks.
  13. I do live in Hong Kong and I also have problems with the heel lifting. I'm having trouble finding ratchet clamps that grip the boot correctly, Can you tell me where this store is in Hong Kong? I'm also ordering the Stable 26 socks to see if that will fix this problem.
  14. Linear Crossovers. Any video of McDavid will do. Here are some videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7yM-GVjkzQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2GF4V0ZsuGE https://youtu.be/AFdbB6MjqFc?t=56
  15. I would like to find a simple, effective solution for filming my team's games. We use video for analyzing our players and game. Our current solutions are: 1) filming with a smartphone by hand from the spectator stand - this works well but is very tiring and only works if we have a friend watching the game 2) gopro on the glass behind the goalie - great for our goalie but hard to see plays, especially in the offensive zone How is everyone else recording their games? Have you tired the auto-cameraman solutions where the camera automatically follows the play (I've seen these online for soccer but never saw a hockey one)? Does your rink have a good filming system that captures the entire rink? Is there a simple solution to record from the bench (maybe a GoPro on a stand or 2x GoPros, one for each zone)? Thanks Everyone, Eugene
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