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  1. Black Fabric Sharpie. The only way I could clean the white trim. One done, one to go.
  2. I just got two gloves repalmed from George's. MIA's & Nike Bauer XXX's.
  3. This might be s dumb question, but do the Easton Synergy's fit bigger than typical 13's? It seems like a pretty big gap b/w the two sizes.
  4. I have to say, I like the look of the new gloves. Does anyone know if these will be top of the line gloves (like the Franchise Gloves)? The blooming cuff are a great feature with the new Franchise gloves, so it's cool to see it expanded to other gloves.
  5. They are actually 13" gloves, but are a little looser then my PPFi's. The cuff is also one piece apposed to the PPFi's that have a seperation between the top and side cuff's. Awesome gloves w/ I think goat leather.
  6. I got them off e-bay from powerplayauctions. He has them listed as 13"'s, so I hope this is true, or else they will be for sale shortly. I bought a pair of 14" Reebok / Eagle gloves and they are too big. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...e=STRK:MEWAX:IT + shipping of $15. More than I wanted to spend for used gloves, but they looked so nice, I just couldn't resist.
  7. Just picked these up;
  8. I got my new Warrior Custom Franchise In: I have one issue with them, and would like some feedback if anyone had a similar problem. The Warrior Lettering in Navy does not match the Navy stripes. I'm wondering if they either they used the wrong color for the lettering, or the Navy color just looks different b/w the two (which sucks). Anyone else have this issue?
  9. $60 (+ my cost to ship it out, they paid for the shipping back) to have the palms redone and I did not redo the gussets. The gloves were actualy new, I just wanted the Eagle Palms on them. I'm doing this to a pair of used Bauer 4-Rolls I bought from a member and maybe another pair, if I win them on Ebay.
  10. I just got my One90 - Pro Stock Phoenix gloves, re-palmed with Eagle MSH2, Palms back from George's Shoe & Hockey Repair. They did an amazing job and I highly recommend them.
  11. It's going to be $60 for Eagle MSH2 palms put on and I bought the gloves used for $25. $85 for the glove I want with the palm I want, customized for my hands. Much better than spending $220 on custom franchise gloves.
  12. Here's the response I received today: "Warrior has told me they will not do these customizations. I can add mesh gussets in the comments and see if they will do them or not." I'm not sure how I can get a response directly from Warrior stating they could do it, and then they are telling the retail store they can't. Personnaly I'm going to pass for now.
  13. They haven't gotten back to me with a final answer yet, but I will let you know. I don't see how or why they wouldn't be able to if Warrior sais they can do it for free with just a note attached to the order.
  14. I realy want these, but they only will do what's on the customizer.
  15. New Franchises That I'm finalizing today. What do you guys think? It's the Montreal gloves changed to look more like a Rangers glove (I couldn't do exactly what I wanted to do on the customizer). And hopefully it will have mesh gussets. It's Narrow fit, all Tufftek, pro-pack and micro-nash palms.
  16. This is what I received from Warrior. I fowarded the e-mail to prostockhockeygear and they are looking into it, and most likely will be able to do it. We can do the air mesh gussets for your custom Franchises, no problem. You'll just need to add a note in the comments section at the end of the order process. There is no additional charge for this feature.
  17. I just got this back from prostockhockey gear. I requested mesh gussets; "warrioir considers mesh gussets a pro option. They will not do them on their custom gloves. Only what is available on the website."
  18. For Anyone That Is Curious; I'll answer my own question. I contacted the guy who's re-palming my gloves and he said he can adjust the gloves to fit like 13" gloves by shortening the cuff. He told me in-order to tighten the fingers he would have to re-palm the gloves.
  19. Is there a way to make a glove smaller (From size 14 to size 13) without ruining the glove? And I would use a professional to do this.
  20. The fit is close to Eagle PPF's or in my opinion Bauer X60's. Not as tight as the supreme series, but not as loose fitting as a traditional 4-roll.
  21. These guys were recomended to me by a member here. They seem very legit and the communication has been great.
  22. I'm sending off my Mission AGX skates for a new felt tongue and a plastic lace bite insert today and also my NB One90 gloves to get re-palmed with the Eagle MSH2 palms. I'll take some pictures when I get them back in a couple weeks. I'm using http://www.hockeyrepair.com/ if anyone wanted to know.
  23. I guess I should clarify that I was not trying to match Phoenix colors and just like maroon as a color. I did think the maroon looked like the Phoenix color though. My bad.....
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