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JR Boucicaut

Eagle X70

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Product- Eagle x70 gloves.

Background- 5'8 165 pounds, centre.

Fit- These gloves are loose fitting, which I like. They have a lot of mobility, and room, they feel really good. There very easy breaking in, as it only took me a couple ice sessions to do.10/10

Protection- They have quite a bit of protection but not too much. I think its the rigth amount. I have gotten slashed a couple of times all over the gloves and it hasn't bothered me. The only times it really hurt is when I got slashed in the wrist, but thats where all gloves least protection is.9/10

Weight- Weight is not that big of a factor for me, but these gloves are pretty light.9.5/10

Durabillity-I have used these for a whole season and there still in good condition. The palms got a little hard, but thats no big deal. The only noticable thing is theres a couple of black marks on the leather. No cuts or anything.9/10

Intangibles- These have got to be the best gloves I have ever used. I like the leather palms I got on my eagles better than any other palm I have had.10/10

Overall- These are my favorite glvoes by far, I am going to stick with eagle. There great gloves. There a little bit more money than other gloves but its worth it.

Overall Rating-9.5/10

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Product- Eagle x70 gloves.

Fit- I really loved the fit it was nice and loose. they were very easy to move in. they would be the best fitting gloves i have used.10/10

Protection- They have enough protection.8/10

Weight- These gloves are really light.9.5/10

Durabillity-I have had mine for half a season and the leather in the fingers is already all gone the only but left is at the top little bit. the Top hand glove is ALOT worse that the other one. the bottom hand is almost not ripping except for a littile bit around the stitching. i havnt been happy with this.6/10

Intangibles- By far the best gloves i have use great feel and just really nice gloves.10/10

Overall- These gloves are the best gloves i have used apart from the broken palms. They have a great fit with excellent mobility and arn't packed with pretection but there is still enough.

Overall Rating-9/10 would have gotten 10 if the palms were still there

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Product - Eagle x70i gloves

5 foot 4, 115 lbs Winger

Fit - When I tried these gloves on, the first thing that came to mind was wow, I couldn't believe how comfortable they were. These were definitly the most comfortable gloves I have ever laid eyes on, so I had to get them. Now I have had them for about 5 months, and I wouldn't change to another company 10/10

Protection - Protection was without a doubt a plus on my scale, except for the shorter wrist section of the glove. Otherwise, I had not had any problems, they aren't too big but aren't too small, perfect size. 9/10

Weight - Weight really isn't that much of a factor to me, but they actually seemed lighter than a lot of teh other gloves I had tried on. 9/10

Durability - I've had them for 5 months now, and the only thing wrong with the glove is that there is a minor hole on the thing on the left glove. Otherwise no wear whatsoever. 10/10

Intangibles - Nothing that I could really find. 8?/10

Conclusion - amzing glove, definitly top of the line, I would definitly get a pair if you are willing to pay the price(109.99US). MY view in my books is a 10/10

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Product - Eagle x70 gloves

5 foot 11, 202 lbs Defense

Fit - I had a pair of X70s before I got a good deal on my HBBAs. I love the fit of the X70's, they just seem to work with my hand. They are loose which I love and just seem to flow with me. 9/10

Protection - I've been using these gloves for over 2 months now. In games they haave only seen in-line, but they have been fantastic. No injuries, couple shots and scrums along the boards, I generally don't have issues with this though. 8/10

Weight - I don't ever notice a difference in weight of gloves and this is no expection. I guess it's a little lighter, but nothing ground break, at least not to me. 8/10

Durability -I got these used and they had a nick or two on them, and have got maybe a another since then, but thats bound to happen. The palms are holding up well (knocks on wood). 10/10

Intangibles - The fit for me just seems to flow, thats the main point that I find with them. They don't limit me at all, and it just becomes a part of me almost. 8/10

Conclusion - I got these at a great price, they are beautiful gloves. I have no complaints for anything, I do not know if I would drop huge retail cash (or custom for that matter) on these, but I am not in competitive hockey anymore. I may play competitive roller, but thats only a 2 month season. For my purposes these gloves have gone above my expectations and given me everything I ask for and more. 9.5/10

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Product- Eagle X70

Use of Product- 1 Year

Fit- This gloves are loose fitting compared to other gloves on the market. I really like them for this reason because i dont like my hands feeling restricted in a tighter glove. (10/10)

Protection- These gloves have good protection but nothing over the top. They are doing their job though because as a defenseman I have blocked shots and have been hacked with no injuries. They do have a smaller cuff compared to others.


Weight- When I buy a glove I dont look at weight but these gloves are very light. (10/10)

Durabilty- These things have taken a beating and the only thing to show for are some stick and puck marks. The palm is amazing and has lasted longer than any other palm I have used. They look brand new after 1 year. (10/10)

Intangibles- Aside from all the great features these gloves also have a wide range of colour combinations which is a big plus.

Overall- These gloves are amazing and I would recommend them to anyone. I havent used anything better. The only reason why I didnt give these a 10 out of 10 is because there is always room for improvement.

Overall Score- 9.9 out of 10.

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Product - Eagle X70

Background - 6' 165lb Roller Hockey Defenseman

Length of use - 2 years

Fit - A loose glove, was quite a change from the Quest 1 gloves I had previously. Took a little big of getting used to but it grew on me, especially liked the mobility in the wrist without sacrificing protection. 8.5/10

Protection - They get the job done, taken many a shot/slash to them. 9.5/10

Weight - Although I don't get all hung up on equipment weight, these gloves have no real "bulk" to them. 10/10

Durability - After two years of heavy use I'm finally seeing signs of breakdown, and it's in the fingers, not even the palms. Though I can attribute this to the 14"s maybe being a bit long for me, so my fingers rub in a weird spot. 10/10

Intangibles - Between the simple looks, and numerous colors available, it made this glove an easy choice.

Conclusion - Although I didn't pay retail value for these gloves, I would say they're worth the 135usd or so you'd pay for them nowadays. 10/10

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Product - Eagle X-70

Background - 5'11 167pound defenceman

Length of use - 4+ months

Fit - I really liked the fit of these gloves coming off the response gloves that i didnt like the fit of these where a dream. very loose on my hand which i like. 9/10

Protection - I have taken a few shots off the hands and have been in a few scrums along the boards and barely felt anything. 9/10

Weight - Very light glove, compaired to my response gloves theses are like feathers. 10/10

Durability - Good Durability so far. a stich came out of the finger in the first week, so I took it in to a shoe maker and he fixed it up. the palms are holding up, with just some black marks or them. theres minor wear on the outer shell nothing major though. 8/10

Intangibles - I really like the feel of the gloves. i had lot of colors to chose from when i bought these which is a nice thing. i would have liked to have microfiber or mustang palms but the nash palms are working for me now. 8.5/10

Conclusion - This glove works for me i cant see myself buying another type of glove. 9/10

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