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  1. Forums are mahogany and exports are poplar. I dont recommend exports because for the price you can get into a nice birch or maple kit. And every kit except for high end kits with virgin kicks come with mounted toms.
  2. I would try to go for a Sonor 505 or Pearl Forum. Both are great beginner kits. Gotta get some new pics of my kit, got some new stuff today.
  3. I have those two aswell. Any pics of your kit, we need to take over the guitarists!
  4. Wow, hipcheck that is a nice set. That DW must have set you back a bit.
  5. Nice man, theyre great..Im glad theyve made it. Its the only band I listen to other than classic rock. Have fun and enjoy the moment!
  6. Well the only good cymbal I have right now is a Sabian handhammered dark crash that I got with money from christmas. The other crash is a zildjian zbt. The hats are sabian b8pros as well as the splash. The ride is actually good too, its a no logo zildjian k made in Canada. I dont know how familiar you are with drumming but zildjian and sabians owners are brothers. All zildjian cymbals made in canada at the time were k's. When one of the brothers split, he got the zildjian factory in Canada and made Sabian. All the cymbals except for the HH dark crash are from my old used kit. I upgraded the kit in the summer and now Im working on cymbals. You drum?
  7. EDIT- Outdated pic, gonna get a new one up.
  8. Switched to XXX's after my G-35's broke down on me. And I do shoot LH, broken SL on that exact play, my LW'er gave me his XX and jumped to the bench to grab a new twig..but now I understand what you guys say about durability.. I'm in the white BTW Nice takedown! If you were in the blue I doubt you would have picked that picture. :lol:
  9. Thats a sick silver helmet. Is it a 8000?
  10. Same thing with me, had to view it on my dads computer.
  11. Wow! Those XN10s are awesome. How did you get around the graphics so clean?
  12. Reminds me of when you had the IT COMES OUT IN SPRING in your sig or something like that.
  13. Thanks for the catalogue guys, keep them coming. I really hate what they did to the look of the stealth. They shoudnt have messed with that colour scheme. Im glad they got rid of the neon green st and the synergy II looks pretty good.
  14. Holy crap, your either rich, spoiled or both. How do you have a pair of 8000's and 6000's and all those gloves.
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