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the ive got too much stuff sale

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Cleaning out my office and realized some of this stuff needs to go.

Ccm v10 helmet, large, navy. Bought from a member here, worn once its in great shape. Visor in pic not included but i think i have the cage it came with. 40 plus shipping.


Bauer 4 rolls. Size 13 edmonton colors, used for a couple minutes just too big for me. 40 plus shipping 83c429af4f0fe95627c2c3e8eab57782.jpg8698a5051478b06364a1a3d107b81542.jpg

Ccm 520 pro stock pants. Size xl chicago colors, great shape no scuffs or tears,just too long for me. 50 plus shipping


Ccm u+12 skates. Size 7ee worn once and were punched on the right skate. Graf sidas insoles. 40 plus shipping.


Ccm v04 shoulder pads. Size large, worn maybe twice too small me. 15 plus shipping.


Warrior bully honeybaked pro stocks size 12 (longshot i know) bought and never used. 40 plus shipping


Sherwood t100 cut approx 4 inches 85 flex statsny curve used abut 8 times no damage just light scratches 50+shipping

4 easton synthesis blades shanny pattern left handed. Would prefer to sell all 4 together. 40 plus shipping 57430f68c07c5deef5f89bc9300ebc6d.jpg

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