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    Milwaukee, WI


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    Bauer 8090, Bauer 6000
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    Easton Stealth CNT, Easton Syn II w/ harrow blade, Easton UL (07) wood Blade, Harrow 500 shaft blade combo
  • Gloves
    Easton Z-Airs (5 pair), Bauer 5000 prostock
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    Bauer 5100 w/ Itech Fantom, Bauer 4500 w/ 908ti
  • Pants
    Jofa 7000 uppers Tackla 5000 lowers
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    Sherwood 9950
  • Elbow Pads
    Warrior Hitmann
  • Shin Pads
    RBK 6k (blue/white)
  • Hockey Bag
    Easton EQ pro

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  1. Which Pro Carry Bag to get?

    I would not recommended the easton. Though I can't speak to the current version. I got the first version of the easton pro and the stitching on the zipper came loose with in the first 6 months. Also I find it slightly too narrow, I wear adult M gear and it's a tight fit, until the zipper stitching comes looose. The material is great though very tough.
  2. What brands/types of jerseys are you guys wearing on the ice?

    Don't be tempted by the closeout prices on the Warrior Lightning KH300. Those things are so stinking hot.
  3. The Venting Spot

    Unemployment sucks! I lost my job in June and didn't think I would still be looking at this point. Watching the hockey season start up again juts adds salt to the wound. At least I am on a roster so if I do get something as soon as the insurance kicks in I can get back on the ice.
  4. Honestly, I really thought about it, but the cost of the CLs was not in my budget. I have gone from eastons to reebok to warriors and they have all been too hot for me. The shirt/light pad combo works slightly better but I was debating just adding some shoulder caps to the shirt. For some reason I get really hot in my upper body when I exercise, so I am not sure I'll ever feel really "comfortable" in any upper body pad. I might see if I can get some second hand CLs or try these new missions in the future. We'll see ... I need to concentrate on getting a damned job first!
  5. I wear the thorax most of the time with the sherwood 9950 on top just for some protection on the shoulders and added plastic on the chest. With or without the 9950, the thorax seems just as warm as regular shoulder pads. I like to have something on my upper body due to all the crazy slap shots flying in the lower and mixed leagues I play in, plus I am not good enough to avoid all the hazards that some of the better players can. That being said these new missions look like a great combo! Hopefully, I will get re-employed soon so I can get back on the ice. When I do, I might put that shirt into consideration, even though I don't particularly like compression stuff.
  6. Dream Gear vs. Current Gear

    Dream gear? I'd love some Yzerman Z-Air gloves and/or a Black/white version of them to use, not display. Some light, low profile but protective shoulder pads in the $50 range. I haven't found ones that I like yet. A magic stick that gives me a halfway decent shot, some stick handling ability and better vision on the ice.
  7. I do a combo of the Sherwood 9950 and a Mission Thorax shirt. I have never liked any of the shoulder pads I've tried. They make me really hot. This combo, so far, is okay. I wish I would have tried the CL's, since I think I would have liked them. Before the current combo I got some Warrior Bully's because they looked nicely ventilated, but still i got too hot.
  8. Where are you getting kevlar for the firstar sock? No where on their website does it say this.
  9. Need Custom 14 or 15" all Yellow gloves

    Also Sherwood T90 white gloves. There are lots of threads about dying gloves on this and other forums. I have never done it, but there is RIT dye (available most anywhere) or paint markers. You'll have to make sure to get nylon gloves. Most likely they won't look like factory gloves, but short of customs or black/yellow combo gloves that might be your only option. Combat hockey also offers customs cheaper than Warrior or Eagle, but I don't know they quality.
  10. Show It Off

    Thanks for all the great info!
  11. Show It Off

    The inner tags have a scan code sticker that says HG1-FLA which I was happy to see. Printed on one tag was Made by Saw Sports Inc. The only "made in" I can find is the hand crafted in canada on the side.
  12. Show It Off

    I really shouldn't have got these, but they were so cheap on ebay. (These are the ebay photos) I always regretted getting rid of my HG1s. Even though these are 15s they still feel pretty good.
  13. Replacing runners/holders down the line.

    Unless the holder actually breaks you wouldn't have to replace that. The steel will last depending on many factors, but mainly how often you get them sharpened and if the sharpener knows what they are doing. Also if you take care of your steel (i.e. don't let it rust). EQ5 are high end skates and if they fit you correctly worth taking care of and they will last you quite a while. Plus with the RBII holders you can order some steel online (if you can't find it at a local shop) and change it your self. Easton holders only take steel made for those holders. Same with all the manufacturers.
  14. Bags bags BAGS!

    I agree, don't' bother. The material is very tough and doesn't look a day old and I am coming up on a year with the bag. However, as mentioned the straps do fall off you shoulder. I use M/L equipment and it just doesn't fit well. That is you can just toss stuff in there sip and go. And the stitching on the zipper is horrible, it's becoming un-stitched in several places. Inner pockets are pretty useless.
  15. The Sweet Spot

    After a crapy work situtaion lately, playing a good well matched game feels pretty excellent. Not to mention a goal for myslef last night. (That's not a common thing)