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    Bauer 8090, Bauer 6000
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    Easton Stealth CNT, Easton Syn II w/ harrow blade, Easton UL (07) wood Blade, Harrow 500 shaft blade combo
  • Gloves
    Easton Z-Airs (5 pair), Bauer 5000 prostock
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    Bauer 5100 w/ Itech Fantom, Bauer 4500 w/ 908ti
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    Jofa 7000 uppers Tackla 5000 lowers
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    Sherwood 9950
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    Warrior Hitmann
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    RBK 6k (blue/white)
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    Easton EQ pro

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  1. Unemployment sucks! I lost my job in June and didn't think I would still be looking at this point. Watching the hockey season start up again juts adds salt to the wound. At least I am on a roster so if I do get something as soon as the insurance kicks in I can get back on the ice.
  2. Thanks for all the great info!
  3. The inner tags have a scan code sticker that says HG1-FLA which I was happy to see. Printed on one tag was Made by Saw Sports Inc. The only "made in" I can find is the hand crafted in canada on the side.
  4. I really shouldn't have got these, but they were so cheap on ebay. (These are the ebay photos) I always regretted getting rid of my HG1s. Even though these are 15s they still feel pretty good.
  5. After a crapy work situtaion lately, playing a good well matched game feels pretty excellent. Not to mention a goal for myslef last night. (That's not a common thing)
  6. Yeah but you're playing outside in central park. That's pretty awesome.
  7. Those old vapors are great looking. I tried to make a used pair work for me but they were just too narrow.
  8. Same here , and with my beer league play i don't see a holder breaking anytime soon.
  9. 1st game since may in 3 hours! My skateting is going to be awesome.
  10. 1 wwek to go to get back on the ice after the summer off. I am sure I'll be sucking wind after an lazy summer - but I can't wait to get back out there.
  11. I have a pair of those z-airs, but mine had been used. Great gloves!
  12. Hubol69 The flames Gen 1 Z-ars are amazing. I'm done over buying gloves, but those would be tough to pass up.
  13. Taking the summer off from hockey. Just too many upcoming time commitments. Not happy, but better than losing money skipping games.
  14. Richards? I have a pair of his that are great, but could use some new palms.
  15. Cool. i was eyeing those too. But I need to shrink my gear collection, not expand it. those would have been to have around to breakout from time to time.
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