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  1. I have some gear that I can donate as well; a mixture of new and used; just let me know where to send it.
  2. Thanks for the link! I like the limited edition colors and the price is right.
  3. Scored my first goal tonight!
  4. JR you are one busy man!!! Love that the 8th Annual Winterfest is on the 8th! Can't wait to see the pics from the event!
  5. No problem; please post some pictures of the hat if you go ahead with them.
  6. here's a link to check out; hopefully it's helpful:
  7. After it all happened, I thought to myself how I could have approached the conversation differently. However, I actually did not start the conversation with that it could be his technique; I offered the fitting first and did make mention that sometimes it's technique (but would not know until after the fitting); thus the full effect of getting properly fit. As far as a guy at my LHS telling me that "It isn't the hammer, it's the carpenter"; I can tell you with confidence that conversation will never happen. I will support my LHS on some product; but old stock and high prices (mainly on sticks) don't interest me. Free shipping, 10% discount, competitive pricing, and no hassles on returns are what I find when I shop online. What's perplexing is that I did tell him which driver would give him the least amount of spin and then is comment of shopping online really had me scratching my head.
  8. Most days I really love my job; it's indoors, I don't have to wear a shirt and tie and I get to talk about golf most of the day. However there are days like today that I don't understand the general public. Here's the start of my morning: So a customer comes in today in the midst of a good sized rush (as well as our sales staff being on the low side) and he's looking for a new driver. He's unsure on which model to get from a particular manufacturer's offering. He states that he has a really crappy club and is looking for the one that is going to offer him less spin. I make mention to him that he probably should sign up for a fitting and that a lot of the time it's not always the club's fault and that sometimes technique comes into play. I must have hit a nerve with him or damaged his precious ego. I make mention again that he should sign up for a fitting (which the store I work at offers) to help him make the correct decision. He takes a short breath and then storms off saying "this is why I should buy the club online" and slams down a box of golf balls on a nearby shelf.
  9. When I was first learning how to skate a couple of years back, I was at a public skate and got onto the ice to have the weirdest sensation. It felt like my skates would not hold an edge and they were sliding around with a mind of their own. I finally looked down at my skates and low and behold, I still had both of my soakers on. Another embarrassing moment was my first time at stick and puck and not realizing that many people in general cut down their sticks (especially at my height). I had an full length stick that was probably 4 inches too long; too long; but great reach!!!
  10. Just sent you a PM regarding the socks.
  11. I wish that our local rink would regulate the ringers that are playing in the lower divisions. A couple of games back, the opponent's team had a ringer that scored 5 of the 7 goals.
  12. Thornton and Marleau use two piece sticks. I'm sure that they use them due to personal preference.
  13. I apologize about my earlier post; by no means was I trying to say that what you do on MSH is marketing. The point I was trying to make was that I like your honest approach to describing the versatility of the Nexus; I definitely value it and the Nexus will be the next stick I purchase.
  14. Bauer should hire you JR to front their marketing department; you got me sold on the stick without even trying the Nexus!!!
  15. Congratulations to DP for making it to the sweet 16!!! So get your vote on today; vote as many times as you can; from today to May 10. #57 > #11