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  • Skates
    Bauer TotalOne NXG Pro
  • Stick
    TRUE A6.0 SBP
  • Gloves
    Bauer Vapor Pro/Warrior QX Pro/CCM 4R Pro III
  • Helmet
    Bauer Re-Akt 100
  • Pants
    Bauer Nexus Performance
  • Shoulder Pads
    Easton Synergy
  • Elbow Pads
    RBK 6K
  • Shin Pads
    Reebok 4K
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  1. GoalForFun

    ADV Blade Stiffness

    FWIW I was not a fan of the retail ADV blade. Next to no puck feel whatsoever. I am a huge fan of the 1X Lite blade though (the Aerosense 2).
  2. GoalForFun

    Show It Off

    Did you cut out the logo from the Warrior shell or use the embroidery file?
  3. GoalForFun

    Bauer Nexus 2NPro

    About Me Height: 5’10” Weight: 150 lbs Shoots: Left I've been playing hockey since I was 7 with roller and started ice when I was 11. I've played as high as midget AAA but was a career AA player at best, along with high school varsity hockey in New Jersey. I've used many sticks throughout my time on the ice. To give you an idea of what I have to compare the Nexus to, I've used: Nike Bauer Vapor XXX Lite TPS Response R8 RBK 7K SicKick Easton Synergy SL Easton Stealth CNT CCM pro stock with XX-stiff blade TRUE A6.0 SBP (pro stock) Warrior QR Edge Bauer APX2 Bauer Vapor ADV Bauer Nexus 1NXL Bauer 1X Lite Bauer Pro Custom 2NPro + Vapor 1X Lite blade The Nexus 2NPro was my first retail stick purchase in god knows how long. I was very excited for the stick after falling in love with my 1NXL. Stick specs: 70 flex, P28 Blade/Receiving Passes - 6.5/10 The R-Lite blade is allegedly the most popular spec at the NHL level as it has the crispiness of a stiffer blade but softened feel for receiving hard passes and improving puck feel. My thoughts on this blade are mixed; off the shelf it felt amazing, and though I disagree that a softer blade core helps with puck feel (in my experience a dampened feel hurts because you can't easily feel with your hands where on the blade the puck is) I wasn't initially put off by the extra dampening like I have been with other sticks because I prefer a livelier blade. However, be it the materials or maybe just my stick, the blade went dead very quickly. I'm talking about less than 8 full sessions. It quickly lost that crispy feel that I liked and just became a dampened blade. If this blade retained its pop longer, this score would be close to a 9/10. Shaft/Flex – 9/10 I like the Nexus hybrid shaft shape a lot, but only just slightly behind the traditional boxy shape of the Supreme line. Otherwise, no complaints about the shaft of the stick. I got a 70 flex and it really feels like a 70 flex (strangely enough my Pro Customs were also 70 flex but feel more like an 87). Stickhandling – 7/10 Similar to how the blade quickly died on me, stickhandling was great initially but quickly faded as the blade lost its crisp. Nothing much more to say about that; if the blade stayed crispier longer this would be close to a 9/10. Shooting – 8.5/10 Shooting with this stick has remained very good, even with the blade losing its life early on. Pucks don't laser off the blade like with my 1X Lite or ADV, but they have "weight" behind them. My only complaint comes, once again, thanks to the blade. Initially the puck would release faster but as the blade lost its life pucks started to come off more slowly. Weight and Balance – 9/10 Not Bauer's lightest offering, not its heaviest. I think this stick is very nicely balanced, however, without being too blade or too shaft heavy. But there is definitely a more blade-heavy bias to the stick which is not what I would prefer (for example, TRUE has managed to move their center of gravity on their sticks higher up in the shaft to give the perception of a lighter stick which is very welcome). Durability – 7/10 I'm going to give durability a 7/10. The shaft has held up fine to physical impact with only a small chunk lost near the neck of the blade. Obviously the blade construction is not going to score well here. However, one thing I did notice about the stick itself is that not long after I've used it (say around 15 sessions) I started to notice that the shaft started to develop a very subtle but noticeable (when you stack 2 sticks together) bend/flex to it (in the direction you would expect). This tells me that the carbon is not returning completely to its original shape after shots. Maybe I got a defective unit but that was definitely something I was not expecting from a stick I paid almost $300 for. Intangibles The 2NPro graphics have grown on me, though I personally prefer the look of the 2017 1N. Conclusion – 7.75/10 Bottom line: a very solid stick when its new but doesn't hold up as well as you would hope. Yes, "elite" sticks are technically less durable, but I was hoping to be able to really use the stick at its original characteristics for more than a few months. I had to give up using it earlier than I would have liked because the blade just became unusable to me.
  4. GoalForFun

    Are low kick sticks just hype?

    Kane uses a super stiff blade, but I think he’s one of the few.
  5. GoalForFun

    Going to a cage, what is good?

    The Bauer Re-Akt ones I've found are better for rounder faces since they seem to run on the "smaller" side for me (with me having a smaller facial surface area). But I really like them when I use them.
  6. GoalForFun

    Are low kick sticks just hype?

    I feel like my snappers come off faster with my 1XL and ADV than they do with my Nexus. I haven’t really noticed a big difference between “power” though. I do prefer the way the mid stick reacts to being loaded, though. In an ideal world I would be using a mid-low stick like the One95, just with updated materials.
  7. GoalForFun

    2019-2020 Gear Sightings

    Wrap. And the stick is garbage. Stores still have them on the rack.
  8. GoalForFun

    1X ADV Custom stick sheet

    Wasn’t even aware there was a spec sheet floating around to begin with. Any links to that?
  9. GoalForFun

    Help ordering p72 vapor sticks

    All I can say is you’re attempting something many of us have tried and failed. Good luck.
  10. GoalForFun

    True Hockey stick codes

    The TRUE rep who posts on here has been very helpful with deciphering ID codes in the past. Other than asking someone at TRUE, there’s no way to tell specs of a stick.
  11. GoalForFun

    Kucherov Pro Stock Curve

    1. Kucherov 2. W28 3. Kucherov 4. Bauer P28 5. Kucherov
  12. GoalForFun

    Supreme adv

    Stopped by my LHS yesterday, manager said they’ve sold all of 6 of the 30 they were allocated.
  13. GoalForFun

    Supreme adv

    Admittedly I’m no aerospace engineering expert but couldn’t they have developed a different carbon weave? Or why did it necessarily need to bow out? Couldn’t it have been the same shape but tapered down or at least the same width as the rest of the shaft?
  14. GoalForFun

    Supreme adv

    A buddy returned his to the store after 2 hours of use. I didn’t buy one because it felt bottom heavy as **** in the store to the point where the balance made it as “heavy” as a 2SPro.
  15. GoalForFun

    Supreme adv

    Can’t recall it expanding but having seen the stick in person it definitely reminds me of it, more so than the QR Edge. I also doubt the veracity of Bauer‘s claims that the bowing out provides meaningful performance benefit, or even that the taper shape significantly improves performance. My conspiracy theory is that Bauer is trying to stave off counterfeiters (which was a problem with the Vapor ADV) since I doubt any have the capability to replicate that design.