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    Easton S-17's / Bauer One 80's
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    Easton Composite, Bauer One50 OPS
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    Reebok 10K's / Bauer Vapor XXXX's
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    Cascade M-11/ Easton S-19
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    Easton S-19's
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    RBK 10K's
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    Reebok 10K
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    Reebok 10K's
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    Brampton, Ontario, Canada.
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    Wife and Kids, Ice Hockey, Baseball, Soccar, Karate, Automobiles ( NASCAR), Travel,

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  1. duch

    Graf Canada out of business

    I have a pair of 735's and never had any issues. Graf made some great traditional leather skates but just didn't keep up with the industry leaders when it came to new innovations. I found their skates very heavy compared to other major competitors models even though their durability was probably the best compared to their competition. That unfortunately doesn't keep you competitive on the ice when players using lighter and more highly performing equipment. When they finally did come around to composite and lighter designs it was much too late, the cow had already left the barn because they had left the door open to their major competition too long. Graf still has a market in Europe but they blew it in North America. Too bad, competition is good and creates better products in the long run.
  2. You don't know about the age old trick? The hole in the palm allows you to grab on to a players sweater and obstruct his progress. From the top a ref can't see the fingers clinging onto the sweater, it just looks like your glove is sitting on the player and you don't get a holding call against you.It just looks like the other player lost his balance when going against you to win the puck off the boards.
  3. That was one unbelievable move. Give the guy credit for trying that in such an important game for the Finns and giving them an early advantage over the Russians. I really love the fact the Finns ousted the Russians. The Russians probably thought they where home free for the gold after eliminating Canada. Really routing for the Finns to take it all!
  4. duch

    Your current equipment

    Latest Update: Helmet: Easton S19 with Itech Titanium Cage/ Cascade M-11(same cage ) Shoulder Pads: Reebok 10K's Elbow Pads: Reebok 10K's Gloves: Reebok 10K's , Bauer Vapor XXXX's Pants: Easton S-19's Shins: Reebok 10K's Skates: Easton S-17's / Bauer One 80's Sticks: Bauer One/50 OPS, Reebok 4K OPS
  5. The new CCM U+ CL seems to look an awful lot like the Bauer Vapor skate. It could be it's twin if the outside colour scheme where the same. Now, there's some flattery for you!
  6. duch

    2010 Easton Catalogue

    I think putting a Tuuk holder on Easton skates would be a great idea. It would probably get a few more people looking at Easton skates as a possibility for them. Personally I've never had a problem with their Razor Bladz holder but there are players out there that have shown a dislike for them. Put on the Tuuk holder and it may help their sales a bit.
  7. duch

    The Things Customers Do

    I've called my LHS before and after his regular closing hours and the guy there will still answer his phone if he's still in the shop. He doesn't have to and he realizes that, but to him his customer service is important to him and he says if he can help someone out in a few seconds over the phone he will. If he can't help them he at least hopes the person on the other end appreciates the fact he still answered and tried to help and will come back when he reopens. I know I appreciate it which is why I deal exclusively with his shop. His prices aren't the lowest. There's a major equipment distributor less than a block away but I will buy from his shop because the service he gives me along with the good quality of equipment he carries and his knowledge of hockey goods is invaluable to me.
  8. duch

    The Things Customers Do

    I think I'd be thinking about getting a job first before trying to buy a new pair of skates. New skates, really not that important. Food and shelter, definitely a necessity. I know lots of people like this, priorties totally out of whack! Can't do much to help them because of course they know everything and you're the one who's got the problem.
  9. duch

    Graf Skates - Few NHL Players

    I agree with vek. I find my Eastons just as comfortable as my Grafs. I guess it depends what your priorities are when you buy a skate. Don't misunderstand me, I love my Grafs but performance is important to me and I just haven't found another skate out there as nicely balanced and that react on ice as well as Easton composite skates. I even purchased them for my son for his new hockey season and he is twelve and he's already commented how much nicer they are on the ice than his old traditionally made skates. I would get another pair of Grafs in a second if they where priced right because they are a very good skate but after a lot of scuitiny over the past year and a half, I'm more than willing to sacrifice some durability to gain more performance on the ice. My next skates will be the Easton S-12's.
  10. duch

    Graf Skates - Few NHL Players

    I'm one of very few people in my hockey league that wears Grafs, namely the 735's. I find them to be a very good skate that perform admirably. My only beef is they are heavier than the my Eastons. I am also one of very few guys who love Easton skates. In my personal experience I really haven't found another skate that out performs my Easton composite skates on the ice so as you can see I have a paradox. The Eastons are every bit as comfortable as the Grafs but the durability issue then comes into play. If Graf designed a skate with Eastons performance level and Grafs durability they would be awesome for a guy like me, but like that's going to happen. Thats why I use the Grafs for league play and the Eastons for pickup. This allows me to get a little more durability out of both brands and I'm always in a comfortable skate. To tell you the truth though in an important game in the league playoffs I always go for performance so it'll be the Eastons I'm wearing.
  11. duch

    Graf Skates - Few NHL Players

    If you're looking for a comfortable, traditionally made skate ,(that will outlast almost anything high end), other manufacturers have on the market, Graf is the way to go. You won't get a skate that is lighter than anyone else's but they will perform as well as almost anything else out there. Graf seems to fit in a niche that appeals more to traditionalists, just guys that are looking for a well made skate that don't want to worry about the newest fads or gimmicks and just want something that they can stick with for an extended duration of time. Their best feature is the different fits they can provide in their lines of skates for all the different foot types and also provide custom made fits on top of all that. The difference with a company like Bauer is they have a general foot mould that seems to fit most foot types. They carry these generalized moulds in two different lines of skates which makes them easy to mass produce and capitilize on them with extensive advertising and endorsement contracts, from players in the professional hockey leagues. More exposure hence more sales. It does'nt mean their the best, just that their the most popular.
  12. duch

    Easton Z Air Comp Skates

    They will definitely last you a long time so if they work for you they'll be a great buy.
  13. duch

    eBay idiot, or not?

    There are just some things you don't wear after they've been previiously used. These would be one of them.
  14. duch

    Easton Z Air Comp Skates

    If your a light guy the stiffness may effect your cornering and manoeverability because there is no give on the ankle area. You could wipe out in tight turns or simply be unable to make a tight turn because you are limited in your angle of entry into the turn by the ankle support of the skate.
  15. duch

    Easton Z Air Comp Skates

    The are one of the stiffest taditional skates Easton had ever made. As previously mentioned they simply don't break down or at least not very easily. I know guys who have had them for four years and their still as stiff as the day they where bought. If you like support these are the ultimate skate but don't buy them if you like a little flexability in your skates because you'll never adjust to them. I personally liked them and would probably have purchased a pair if it wasn't for the fact I was wearing an awesome set of Pro Tacks I won in a contest from CCM at the time they came out but then again I prefer a stiff skate. Easton skates seem to either fit you or they don't so make sure that you try them out to make sure the fit works for you.