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    Easton S-17's / Bauer One 80's
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    Easton Composite, Bauer One50 OPS
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    Reebok 10K's / Bauer Vapor XXXX's
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    Cascade M-11/ Easton S-19
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    Easton S-19's
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    RBK 10K's
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    Reebok 10K
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    Reebok 10K's
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    Brampton, Ontario, Canada.
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  1. I have a pair of 735's and never had any issues. Graf made some great traditional leather skates but just didn't keep up with the industry leaders when it came to new innovations. I found their skates very heavy compared to other major competitors models even though their durability was probably the best compared to their competition. That unfortunately doesn't keep you competitive on the ice when players using lighter and more highly performing equipment. When they finally did come around to composite and lighter designs it was much too late, the cow had already left the barn because they had left the door open to their major competition too long. Graf still has a market in Europe but they blew it in North America. Too bad, competition is good and creates better products in the long run.
  2. Latest Update: Helmet: Easton S19 with Itech Titanium Cage/ Cascade M-11(same cage ) Shoulder Pads: Reebok 10K's Elbow Pads: Reebok 10K's Gloves: Reebok 10K's , Bauer Vapor XXXX's Pants: Easton S-19's Shins: Reebok 10K's Skates: Easton S-17's / Bauer One 80's Sticks: Bauer One/50 OPS, Reebok 4K OPS
  3. I think putting a Tuuk holder on Easton skates would be a great idea. It would probably get a few more people looking at Easton skates as a possibility for them. Personally I've never had a problem with their Razor Bladz holder but there are players out there that have shown a dislike for them. Put on the Tuuk holder and it may help their sales a bit.
  4. I've called my LHS before and after his regular closing hours and the guy there will still answer his phone if he's still in the shop. He doesn't have to and he realizes that, but to him his customer service is important to him and he says if he can help someone out in a few seconds over the phone he will. If he can't help them he at least hopes the person on the other end appreciates the fact he still answered and tried to help and will come back when he reopens. I know I appreciate it which is why I deal exclusively with his shop. His prices aren't the lowest. There's a major equipment distributor less than a block away but I will buy from his shop because the service he gives me along with the good quality of equipment he carries and his knowledge of hockey goods is invaluable to me.
  5. I think I'd be thinking about getting a job first before trying to buy a new pair of skates. New skates, really not that important. Food and shelter, definitely a necessity. I know lots of people like this, priorties totally out of whack! Can't do much to help them because of course they know everything and you're the one who's got the problem.
  6. Latest Update Helmet: Easton S-19 Shoulder Pads: Bauer 1/90's Elbow Pads: Easton SE 16's Pants: Tackla 5000's Shins: Jofa 8090's, Reebok 10k's Skates: Easton SE 16's , Easton 1300C's Sticks: RBK 4K OPS, Bauer Supreme 50 OPS, Easton Composite with Sakic Curve Wood Blade.
  7. Skates: Always replace the original laces with waxed laces. Hold tighter and stay that way. Shin Pads: I cut off and remove the manufacterers installed straps because I hate the way their positoned on the shin pad. Use my velcro elastics and position them where I like them on my leg. Helmet: Always remove those clear plastic ear covers, can't stand them. Shoulder Pads: Ive added more rib protection and extended abdomen protection onto my 8Ks at the front with PU plastic plates and foam pads. Works great but looks a bit freaky as far as my teamates are concerned but I don't really care ,their functional. Just recently replaced the Cobra holders on my Graf 735's with the Mission Pitch 3 holder and blade. (while the Pitch 3 is still available) Love the neutral setting as opposed to the forward one. On ice feel is roughly the same as the Cobras.
  8. Helmet: Mission Intake with Jofa 480 Chrome cage Shoulder Pads: RBK 8K's Shirt: UnderArmour Shortsleeve T Elbow Pads: Jofa 9144's Gloves: Easton S-17's Pants: Tackla 5000 Airs Pants/Jock: RBK 8K's Compression Pants Shins: Jofa 8099's Skates: Nike/Bauer Vapor XXV's Easton S-11's
  9. Toe caps are the same.
  10. I agree. The Swedish National Team gloves are awesome! Never seen Eastons with such a vibrant reflective colour scheme for ice hockey. Are you sure their not roller hockey gloves. Only problem is the opposition will see you coming from the red goal line.
  11. Here's my latest update. Helmet: Easton S-17(Easton cage) Bauer 8500 ( 8500 cage) Undershirt: Itech Long Sleeve Compression Fit with BNQ Certified Neck Guard Shoulder Pads: RBK 8K ( Great protection at any level) Elbow Pads: Jofa 9144's Gloves: RBK 8K's / Easton S-11's Pants: Tackla Pro 5000's/ Graf 700's ( Like the European fit) Jock: RBK 9K compression fit shorts with velcro sock holders. Shin Pads: RBK 8K's (Amazingly Protective) Skates: Graf 735's, Bauer Vapor XXII's
  12. Too bad. If they where Grafs they'd last a lot longer. Sweet looking blades regardless. You absolutely stole them for that price.
  13. Those Grafs are identical to the ones I bought recently. I'd love to have the thermoformable tongue in mine. Don't really care for the holes in the tendon guard though. Your going to love these puppies.
  14. Latest update on my equipment; Helmet: Bauer 8500 (Nike/Bauer cage) Shoulder Pads: RBK 6K (Not as bulky as 8k but still very protective) Elbow Pads: Jofa 9400's Gloves: RBK 8K's (Feel is very natural. Extemely protective ) Pants: Tackla 5000's (I love the European fit and pant mobility) Shorts/Jock: Itech ( Cheap and work well for me) Shin Pads: RBK/Jofa 8k ( Jofa still the best there is.) Skates: Vapor XXII's, Easton 1300C's (Got back into Bauers recently and love the on ice feel) Sticks: Easton Composite 85 Flex, Yzerman curve wooden blade Mission Axis OPS 85 Flex
  15. My Latest Update: Helmet: Bauer 8500 Shoulder Pads: RBK 8K Elbow Pads: Jofa 9144 Jockey Shorts: Itech (with Velcro sock holders) Gloves: RBK 8K / Vapor XX's Shins: RBK 8K Skates: Easton 1300C's / Vapor XVI's Sticks:2 Easton Carbon X (Yzerman curve)100 Flex/90 Flex
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