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  1. beaucoup_fish

    2006 Eagle Catalogue

    Great, thanks Chadd.
  2. beaucoup_fish

    2006 Eagle Catalogue

    Am I correct in assuming that the X70 and up will continue to be made in Canada? Also, someone on the inside, will Tufftek be available at retail level on the X70s?
  3. beaucoup_fish

    Photos of yourself

    That is an awesome jersey.
  4. beaucoup_fish

    Show It Off

    NBH whooooore. That's some serious love you're showing Phil Knight - reminds me of this guy I saw play once, same gear as you, cept he had the Quest 1 Team Canada gloves, Q1 pants, and all his pads were V-12. I think his helmet was the Lemieux helmet, too. Head to toe Nike. How did you find the Quest pro stocks vs. retails? I found the retail Quests to be dead-feeling crap.
  5. beaucoup_fish

    Custom Glove Gallery

    Those Easton's Carolina pro stocks?
  6. beaucoup_fish

    2006 Warrior Catalogue

    My god, those shoes are EFFING hideous. I agree about this pimp&ho's marketing effort, this has no place in hockey. And those shoes...just...ugh.
  7. beaucoup_fish

    Photos of yourself

    Looks like Alex Tanguay.
  8. beaucoup_fish

    Photos of yourself

    I doubt it.
  9. beaucoup_fish

    Photos of yourself

    I second that. Third. Lookin' good Kovy. Are those synthetic leather thumbs I see on your Eastons?
  10. beaucoup_fish

    Custom Glove Gallery

    Nice gloves man.
  11. beaucoup_fish

    2006 Easton Catalogue

    Everything manufactured by Easton now has an massive-ass, IN-YOUR-FACE logo on it now. It's such an eyesore on their gloves - it just looks disproportionate.
  12. beaucoup_fish

    2006 Easton Catalogue

    Hallelujah, is the Synergy 800 glove the 900 without the damn smartcuff?
  13. beaucoup_fish

    Custom Glove Gallery

    We're working on them B) With white helmets / tinted visors, white socks, and white jerseys, you would look like a bunch of ghosts. Or Star Wars stormtroopers. :D Or "fashionable," males... :lol:
  14. beaucoup_fish

    Custom Glove Gallery

    Siiiiziiiiiick gloves, Graz!! How do I score me a pair of Team Ghost gloves?! Are those X70s? Did the entire team choose synthetic/leather? Just PP?
  15. beaucoup_fish

    Your current equipment

    Been a while, but here goes: Skate: Bauer Supreme 8000 - relatively light, solid. Wish they added drainage holes in the outsole - had to drill them. Stick: Innovative 1100 with Inno blade - 300 flex - great shaft/blad combo. Very light. Might be going back to wood though. Helmet: - Bauer 5000 w/cage - works for me. Gloves: TPS HGT Nylon - light, aesthetically pleasing. Index finger a little long for me though. Shoulder: Itech 655 - light and mobile. Make me look a bit like a football player, but that just may be b/c I'm skinny. Elbow: Nike V10 - great overall. Strap tends to loosen sometimes. Shin: Nike V10 - great overall. You will get used to the nylon webbing straps that don't stretch. In fact, I think they're better than the stretchy straps. Pants: Easton Air - retail - a bargain at $70 CAD. Jock: Itech jock shorts - best invention ever? Undergarments - Bauer blue tops or Nike Dri-fit - either is great. Depends on my mood. See ya guys 'round.