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    Take the E28 blade shape and rocker ... keep straight till 3/4's towards the toe, then a nice closed toe curve no bigger than gionta with with a 4 lie. This sounds perfect in my mind ;)
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    So our ice is delayed a few more days, but I managed to get a shot from our new crease. Can't wait to protect it.
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    Right on, just trying to figure some preferred specs/ specs I am interested in so I have a bit of a clue, for when we met in June (Nasty R shaft with grip powder matte, somewhere between 80 and 90 flex, Savoy blade). It is pretty nice how you Base seems to have so much available with customization.
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    I think that makes sense - people are nostalgic about curves that they used to use but can't get anymore. That's the advantage of our production model: we don't have any pressure to ditch a certain curve or flex as soon as it decreases in popularity, since everything is factory direct. No SKUs to cut down on, no overstock to put on clearance.
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    I'll throw my hat in the ring as another vote for a few mentioned above: Kovalchuk pro, Kovalev pro (or Perron pro if you need a righty / can't mirror the Kovy), P10, and Gionta would be awesome!
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    If everyone thought the fit of VH skates was good before,...........Just wait till you see whats coming. If you live in Toronto watch Breakfast Television on Wednesday morning.
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    I still need to reply to your email, and will do so quickly. To update you on blade selection we are no longer labelling blades by name.. Nasty, Savoy, etc.. they will simply be Regular, Stiff and Xtra Stiff. They are all top notch materials and the weave does not reflect style, weight or quality but rather feel, stiffness and flex. As you can see in my original post the XS blade has a different weave than the other 2. The perception to some would be that the larger weave is a higher quality product, and that simply is not the case.
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    Bauer 190 ice boot Mission magnesium chassis Full ceramic speed skating bearings (not just the balls) Revision Steel wheels Custom heel riser made from F1 racing grade machinable plastic Mounted myself as far back and also offset (trained from RHI Bullfrogs equipment manager) Yellow Superfeet insoles
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    That look pretty close (maybe slightly more mild) to the old Warrior Gionta. It seems to me that a lot of people are asking for the same thing, a toned down BC10, Warrior Gionta, True TC3 are all very close. Slight differences but they basically play similar and in my mind it's a very versatile curve which is easy to transition to from a P88 type curve if you want more of a toe. Here's a pick of a few for you guys Top to Bottom, Warrior Gionta, True TC3, Warrior Kreps, Base Russell (Hossa) and pro Kovalchuk (old style before he moved to a Kreps). Note- The difference angles when trying to take a picture of so many curves together at one time. The TC3 and Gionta are very similar IRL
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    Didn't have a bad game last night but it wasn't the greatest either. The game ended in a 3-3 tie. Got caught off my angle once and the other 2 goals resulted from me trying to kick the puck to the corner to find out that no one decided to pick up the wide open opponent just waiting to bang in the rebound. Before the game started one of our worst players decided that he was all of a sudden a goalie expert and attempted to tell me that I needed to challenge the shooter more. This guy is one of about half of the team that does not back check and can't even keep up skating wise in a 'Never-Ever' League. He hasn't even played for half the time that I have in net! To say the very least that didn't go over very well with me. I'm hoping to go to a couple of public skates this week with my gear on and just practice my slides so I can attempt to stop the wide open players that are getting to my rebounds. One-on-one lessons will have to wait another week because I haven't received my work schedule yet.
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    I cannot edit posts (as mentioned in another forum), so apologies for multiple posts. I just found this in an old MSH thread about curves: This is what I am talking about. A nice, gentle toe curve on an almost closed face (does not need to be 100% closed, then open/ closedness of the Malkin Pro BC71 was perfect- ever so slightly open. This Roberts Pro looks a little more open than the Malkin, but I would prefer this over the Malkin (if I had to choose one), simply because the hook is not so extreme. Note, I am RH (this pic is of a LH), assuming that any curve that is made will become available in RH and LH.
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    The old chrome Gretzky shaft..there's some nostalgia. I actually saw someone at the local rink using one of those recently. I recall goalies complaining the light reflecting off the shaft would blind them. To answer your question, ideally you would be fitted for a stick at a Base Hockey shooting analysis center. There, you could try before you buy all of our blade curves and stick options using a high speed camera and get feedback from a trained shooting expert. Locations are on our website and occasionally traveling mobile centers could be in your area. Every stick manufacture has a different way of rating flex. Even the rating on our mid-kick vs low or dual-kick can feel different in the players hands. For example I feel that a 90 Nasty R feels closer to our 85 Supernatural..and that is because of the dual kick points changing how it feels. The good news is, we offer variables of 5 on the senior sticks from 75-120. At a fitting center, this option is amazing for dialing in the exact flex for your game. However, I understand not everyone can make it to a fitting center so obviously there is some guesswork in what you would order. I can tell you our feedback has been good in regards to stick flex being accurate and/or what the customer expected. Our intermediate shafts are available in 45, 55, 65, 75 and 85 so there are also lots of options there. These shafts accept senior blades. Our new blade flex option is something you might want to consider as well. The (R) Regular version loads much easier than what you probably have traditionally used in the past. Do you remember the old white Christian blades used by players like Brett Hull? Those blades were known for being very soft and quite popular with a lot of professionals. Blade flex has been an option for professionals for years and an option we believe will be popular at the retail level as well.
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    Hi Pandada, your point is extremely valid. We've been working on ways to make our product more accessible to all. Currently we offer free shipping and free returns/exchanges on all our gloves, sticks and skates. If once received, the customer feels like they are not the right size or product, we provide an easy exchange through our site, no questions asked within the first 30 days. I will add we're working on a custom program for our skates as well. I'm headed to the factory one week from today and will have more info when I return in early April.
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    Can you set up an appointment with them? Most reps have no idea how to fit. It's very sad. Very few guys have any idea what they are doing and even fewer that are actually good at fitting.

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