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    This is really a question of whether or not you can tell the difference between squatting 200 vs. 201 pounds.
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    Have not bought mine yet, but will move you blade/holder over so your center of gravity is directly over the blade and thus your 2 blade edges. Alan
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    I opened a Warrenty claim with CCM today - will see what they say. I unlaced the skates and got some pics of all the eyelets. Several have lost material, and others are collapsing / damaged. I took pics of skate to show that the boot and holders and even the blades are all in excellent shape after one season - it's just the eyelets that have failed. Album here: http://imgur.com/a/AdaRT colins
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    PK Subban using an Easton Synergy GX and Bauer Nexus
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    I always suspected that pitch wasn't necessarily different between straight frames and Hi-Lo. But from reading many people's comments, there seems to be an assumption that Hi-Lo has more forward pitch but I guess it's just a popular misconception. So while the two feel different it's not necessarily due to a difference in pitch. So, neither putting smaller wheels on the front of a straight frame nor adding a heel lift would necessarily make it feel like a Hi-Lo, but it might possibly reproduce one of the factors that gives the feel that one is looking for in a Hi-Lo.
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    I don't doubt that a good experienced operator can offer a great sharpening, but some of us just don't have that guy locally available. Having personally experienced the inconsistency of many "average" operators out there, I'd rather get a good-to-great sharpening that's exactly the same every single time versus gambling on the guy at the rink. Only time will tell in the long run, but I think these guys (Sparx) have done an exceptional job here. If you haven't given it a try, find one to test out and see what you think.
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    I've measured the pitch on Alkali and Labeda (on Alkali boots) straight frames and Mission hi lo 80 / 76 and there is very little difference. I suspect this isn't by accident as the Mission designer was then the Alkali designer and I would assume these companies have done a lot of work in calculating the optimal pitch. The frame which had the most pitch I've ever measured was the Tri d lite frame on Rbks.
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    I own and work in a sports bar , we have many teams and pick up groups comming in for drinks and food after skates.. If you are a good guy, you will be blessed with many hockey friends.
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    Full cage with white paint on the inside so that the cage camos out when you look down to see the puck coming onto your stick ... done.
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    There's a fine line between: 1. Creating something too fragile where you turn off/scare away repeat customers 2. Making something too durable to the point where it limits sales/margins because your average buyer only needs one per season. See: CNT Stealth
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    These are probably my favorite gloves of all time, the "white dip" fingers are just perfect...
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    If you want performance you gotta sacrifice durability, what do you care for more ? I don't break any sticks, I use them for what they are meant for, companies are competing out there, I believe a lot of sticks on the market are durable, it's all about how you use them, never abuse them and they will be good to you.
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    His feet do sweat a lot, but all the gear in my house is hung up after every session, religiously. I didn't see any rust on the eyelets that are failing. There's a stand-up fan out of view that I turn on to circulate air: As JR noted, the metal on the Jetspeed eyelets (excluding the top two, and very bottom one) is thin. They start to deform/dent/crush from skate lace pressure, and I think the one that gave out seemed to have been dented from a shot block or collision with another skate. Once deformed, they tend to pull away from the material surrounding the eyelet. I don't have pics of the repair yet (he's skating on them as we speak), I'll probably post some later tonight. The shoe/leather repair shop stitched up the break, put some leather backing on the inside, and replaced 4 eyelets in that area. These new eyelets are round and not 'boxed' on the inside edges, just like the top two from the factory are (but black instead of copper/brass). I don't know if they are deep shank or not - I guess they'd have to be - this particular repair place has been around forever and is very old school. I imagine they have all the tricks of the trade at their disposal. I was concerned about the leather insert being on the inside of the boot (looks better, but looks don't count over comfort), but I trimmed the excess and shaved down the edges so that it's all above the tongue and not in contact with his foot. We'll see how it holds up. I haven't contacted CCM yet for support. My son loves his Jetspeeds otherwise. He had RBZ 90's before that, and my youngest skated in a pair of Tacks last season, so I'm on the fence whether to give CCM another try or go back to Bauer next purchase. The Tacks held up really well, the only we had with them is the tongue splitting on the sides, up where the laces cut into it. Colin

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