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  1. Mint condition, no smell or stretching on the straps whatsoever. Asking $60 shipped within the US. https://imgur.com/a/TsUQo6D
  2. The CCM Tavares P45 and Datsyuk P38 blades are sort of like a longer square toe P88 if I remember correctly - though I don’t like CCM sticks unless you can find an old Tacks or Ultra Tacks. FWIW - the Bauer Supreme 1S has the most “sticky”, wood-like blade I’ve used in a long time. Almost every CCM stick I’ve used has felt like it’s made out of glass, same with recent Warriors after they moved to that minimus 1000 carbon.
  3. Another vote here for Ribcore skates + P88 stick.
  4. They look like they have way too much volume for your foot and are too wide - based on how far around your forefoot those eyelets are wrapping. I imagine all the negative space is then causing the boot to crease as shown in the pictures as the material tries to make its way back to your foot once you tighten the skate.
  5. I play with the P92 and P28 shorter and whippier than my old heel curve sticks. I find the shorter twig lets me get more of my weight and leverage over the toe when shooting. I also find the shorter stick helps me keep the blade (especially the toe) flat on the ice and closer to my body when stickhandling/protecting the puck.
  6. CCM Tacks/Reebok (and their Jofa ancestors) are the only game in town as far as shin pads are concerned. There’s a good reason most of the NHL uses some version of this shell. Fit and protection are unmatched IMO. I’ve also never had a pair of Bauer shin pads that didn’t crack at the top of the kneecap.
  7. I might bite the bullet and order a pair. Has anyone tried them yet - particularly the blades? 2 piece sticks 4 lyfe.
  8. Cut to 62.25 inches standing against a wall, RB10JB build code. Used twice and basically new. Asking $130 shipped OBO within the US or trade for a P28 77 1S or 2S Pro.
  9. Unless you can step on the Nexus ADVs blade and transform it from a PM9 to a Crazy Ovy mid-shift I ain’t interested.
  10. On a related note - has the P30 been discontinued or is it in the process of being phased out? It’s on the FT2 but not the AS2 pro.
  11. Introduced through the Supreme line: - One90 zero negative space concept - Flexible tendon guard - Curv composite boot - Comfort Edge - Reflex tongue inserts - Variable tendon guard stiffness inserts
  12. Weren’t some people complaining about the fact that their True’s DIDN'T come with a pointless heel cup not long ago?
  13. The new model tacks skates. Otherwise I don’t see how this is any different from a post game in-locker room interview, aside from someone creepily taking a picture of PKs gear.
  14. The stick that looks like a 1X Lite is a 1X Lite build. I’m confused as to what your concern is still.
  15. I didn’t scroll through all the pictures at first - The grey stick S161XSE is a 1X 2.0 with the SE shaft walls as Psulion mentioned. The black stick S181X is a true 1X Lite build. S18 denotes the manufacture year which is when that stick was released. They are legitimate.
  16. The S16 Vapor 1X blade drops absolute bombs @psulion22 I’d buy those in a second, especially with a P91A.
  17. Bauer still fuses in the extension. I have a few +4 inch pro stock 1X Lite/2S Pros where I cut through the fused section and the top of the stick is double walled from the extension’s tenon and filled with epoxy and foam. They measure the flex at retail length and do not make any adjustments to the shaft construction unless the build calls for it (SE models as an example).
  18. In that case you can probably take a VN small. It sounds like you’re in the smaller end of the medium adjustment range vs where I am. I had a small Kings Pro VN a while back and couldn’t get it on my head at the most open setting. Same with the 9.0 in a small. FWIW the pro VN is the best helmet I’ve ever worn.
  19. I’ll take the pill when you show me one guy using these on a Bauer skate at the NHL level. Until then they stay in the container.
  20. It’s made by True so it’s the greatest thing in the history of mankind and will instantly put Bauer, CCM, and Warrior into bankruptcy.
  21. Sizing is the same. The helmet is basically an IMS 9.0 with the occipital lock in the back.
  22. Bumping an old thread - does anyone know if Supremes are still built on an oversized last? I.e is the retail D a true E?
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